I still despise Robert Horry.

My work has been busy but I read STR daily here in Oregon (I want to thank everyone for keeping me posted on the happenings in Sactown and also thanks to PK for reminding me that Seattle is the only place it rains more than it does here in Eugene) Though I havent contributed in quite a while it is the playoffs, so this morning I jotted down some of my thoughts to share with the Royalty.


I have enjoyed watching the playoffs this season.  I too have counted the number of former Kings players on playoff rosters and cheered for them both individually and in the Rockets case rooting for both Ron Artest and Rick Adelman.  I long for Hedo out on the wing, seeing Bibby drain a clutch three, whooping it up when Ron-Ron muscles the opposing team’s best player into a turnover, and yes…. Cringing when Brad Miller gets rim-checked and falls to the floor then frowns when no foul is called.  Apparently that is another set of rules the referees refer to along with the’ “Jordan Rules”, “Shaq Rules”, (see Scot Pollard), “Kobe Rules” and for Brad the “Rim Rules.”


I have always felt that Chris Webber was to blame for a quick demise of a really good team.  The salary he demanded and the Maloofs so generously provided handcuffed Petrie to the point that managing  the roster financially was doomed.


I have my opinions that I have shared openly regarding Adelman and how much I feel he should have never been let go.  He just finds a way to win (sans his tenure in Oakland).


There was pattern (an obvious one) that was all too familiar this last season and if I had the time it would be interesting to peruse thru the season ending statistics and see what the points per game average was for opposing point guards against the Kings.  Which brings me to Kevin Martin.


When the Kings had their run and basketball was fun for me.  I think the turning point was the acquisition of Doug Christie.  Christie was mostly given the responsibility of guarding the opposing team’s best guard – be it their shooting guard or point.  Thus taking the pressure off the Kings point. (JWill or Bibby)  He wasn’t asked to score but would also double as primary ball handler on offense when needed and contributed with a fair amount of assists.  Shooting guard is a place you can “hide” a player with this defensive responsibility.  Bowen though listed as a small forward has done this in San Antonio for years.  I have to add that though they weren’t the stellar defensive stoppers in the paint, it was no doubt nice for King’s guards having Webber and Divac behind them. But with Kevin Martin as the Kings shooting guard this cannot be done… and to me…that is just fine.  Martin contributes offensively off the charts and hopefully will be considered for the All Star team next season.  Which now brings me to the draft.


With Martin’s defensive shortcomings understood, will Rubio be able to fill the role on defense of guarding Chris Paul, Devin Harris, Derrick Rose, Mo Peterson, Tony Parker, etc, etc?  Or will the team have to rely on Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes to man the middle?


I am ready for the Kings to be relevant again.  We as fans have paid our dues (again) and deserve for things to turn around. The #1 pick, a new coach, new arena on the horizon (hopefully), an young nucleus with brimming potential and Geoff Petrie…besides it could be worse…..we could have been born Laker Fans and had to root for Kobe.


Note:  Vlade why couldnt you have tipped the ball out another 6 1/2 ' to the left?......Why?


(Yes Otis….I did mention my fondness for Adelman again and I promise I will only mention him 43 more times before he retires)


(TZ-Section: I was torn as to whether this was a Fanpost or a Fanshot.  I Googled both and found that one was a 4" piece of PVC pipe with a bracket for an electric fan and the other was a photo of the dude Ron-Ron popped in the stands in Detroit I went with the PVC pipe.)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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