Jennings? I'm confused.

I am thoroughly confused by this group of fans’ support of Brandon Jennings.  Are JJham and I the only two people on this site that feel like Brandon Jennings, in the interview after his Kings workout, proved he should not be the Kings’ point guard of the future?

If we don’t agree on that, can we at least agree on this:  Point guards need to be smart.  More than any other position, point guards need to be able to use their brains.  They need to understand the offense better than anyone else.  They need to make good decisions.  They need to understand their teammates and know how to utilize them to the best of their abilities.  Sure Jennings is young, but so are the rest of the point guard prospects we're discussing.  Yet these guys are smart enough to control themselves in an interview.  People on this site have said "he was just being honest" and "I appreciate his honesty".  Well, it wasn’t honest.  He exaggerated his own stats.  He said he had 6 assists, when the reality was that it was 2 assists. He also, conveniently, withheld the fact that Rubio was in his second game back after a wrist injury.  He lied incorrectly stated that he and Rubio played about the same amount of minutes.  Sorry Brandon, 23 is not equal to, or approximately equal to 8.5 (I just deleted a Jennings SAT joke - I don't want to stoop to his level). 

Which leads me to my next point.  Does it not concern this fan community that the guy a lot of you want to run your team could not meet the absolutely minimal requirements for a blue chip prospect out of high school to get into college?  We may have forgotten, or perhaps never heard in the first place, that the kid didn't always want to go to Europe.  His plan was to play at Arizona.  Europe came into the picture only when Jennings couldn't meet the requirements to get into Arizona. Pioneer?  Perhaps.  However, perhaps he didn't have a better option.  Going back to this match-up in which Jennings claims he outplayed Rubio, let's keep in mind we're discussing the point guard position.  Let it be known that in Rubio's 8.5 minutes, he actually had 3 assists.  Compare this to Jenning's 2 assists in 23 minutes while also pointing out Rubio did not take a shot in those 8 minutes and you get a better idea of which of these two guys is has a pass-first mentality and who plays unselfishly.

Let's quickly touch on some current and ex-players as examples, while attempting to keep this post from getting way too long.  Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, John Stockton, even Rajon Rondo and Derick Rose, just to name a few, are excellent point guards.  Have you ever heard any of them have a rant like Jenning's?  Have you ever heard them disrespect a peer and show such immaturity?  This is the part of my argument that's a little harder to back up with examples, but hopefully you get my point. This are calm, respectful, even-keel men who let their play speak and elevate the play of their teammates.  Furthermore, notice the absolute range in athleticism of these guys.  Let's stop talking about athleticism and start talking about point guard skills.

Brandon Jennings is currently reminding less of the gentlemen listed above, and more like point guards in the mold of Stephon Marbury and Gary Payton.  I don't think too many of you will stick up for Marbury, but a lot will say 'what's wrong with GP?'.  As furius.d recently pointed out, GP was definitely a head case.  He was selfish and undermined his coach and organization.  The mold I'm talking about is players that have all the talent/potential in the world, but no idea how to control their own ego.  Talented point guards (or talented players in general) that are head cases, can and often do, wreck franchises.  How many franchises did Marbury wreck?  How many rings did GP win?  ONE (With the HEAT- when he was a role player and had, hopefully, mature a great deal since his prime).

I just do not get how a rational group of fans, as is my perception of this group (StR), could think this should be the leader of this franchise for the next 12 years. It is not my intention to bash this kid by any means.  This is simply my opinion, with support of my opinion, as to whether this is the right guy to play point guard for the Sacramento Kings.  I recognize that he has elite athleticism.  I recognize the league is shifting towards the ultra-quick PG.  And I recognize that he could mature and could become an elite point guard in the league.  But what has this kid shown that makes him worth the obvious baggage that he will bring to Sacramento?  Sure their are reports that he handled himself well through adversity in Europe, but this interview alone takes away any maturity and professionalism points he accrued overseas.  This rant showed immaturity and a lack of composure and respect.  He could not control his mouth or his jealousy over the 'hype' and attention Rubio has received.  How is he going to react when the Kings potentially lose another 60 games next year?  Or any other frustration in his career when a reporter puts a mic in his face and eggs him on to say something stupid?  Who will he throw under the bus then?  Westphal?  Petrie?  Martin?  Let the Warriors and their group of head case owners have this kid.  He may have the most potential as a basketball player of the guys available at #4, but I doubt his talent and potential will ever make him a champion.  His selfishness and immaturity will prevent that and if in fact he's good enough, will potentially ruin a franchise.

But hey, that's just one guy's opinion.  Hopefully Jenning's supporters will help me understand what they see in him that makes him more attractive than Rubio, Holiday and Flynn. 

Luckily, Geoff Petrie makes the decisions for the franchise and I am sure he will keep class and professionalism in mind while making his selections.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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