An Open Letter to Beno Udrih

See what happens when I've already read everything on StR? I start making up my own stuff. You've been warned.

Dear Beno

Funny how much can change in one short year. Last June there were posts about whether or not we could re-sign you, and this year, the big topic of conversation is which point guard should we draft to replace you.

I've been one of your biggest supporters on Sactown Royalty. But even I have come to believe that there is no chance for you to continue to be a starter for the worst team in the league. And that's really sad.

The realization has come to me, not because you are not capable, but because you're not here.

As soon as the season was over, you blew town and didn't look back. There's been no news about your whereabouts or activities. No workouts at the practice facility, no news of you hitting the gym at all. No indication that you plan to fight for your job.

The Sacramento Kings have the best fans in the league. They stick with the team and its individual players through thick and thin. Once you don a Kings uniform, you're a King every time you take the floor at Arco, no matter what color you're wearing. And some of the players we remember most fondly were either never considered stars anywhere but here, or didn't become stars until they left. Doug Christie. Michael "Yogi" Smith. Gerald Wallace. Hedo Turkoglu. Matt Barnes.

Since we as fans give such unconditional loyalty, we want the same kind of loyalty from you. Instead, all we see is a guy who became complacent as soon as he got his big contract.

I know that you make your home overseas. And that's ok. But you chose to sign here. You are taking millions of dollars a year to be a part of this team and this community.

So if you're feeling hurt, betrayed and angry that nobody seems to want you here anymore in any role besides back-up to the rookie point guard we draft, it's not because of your less-than-stellar stat line. It's because you don't seem to care. You don't seem to want to get better. And it's because we expect the Kings to be more to you than a job and a paycheck.

You've simply never shown that it is.


PS- Andres Nocioni, this same letter could be written to you, except that you came here in trade. Seriously, both of you need to stop complaining and just play like you care.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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