explosive 1 2 3

this idea just crossed my mid a while ago..

how about we aquire tyreke evans as our point guard via the #4 pick. we trade noc along with k9 for atlanta's josh smith and k martin still play no.2. this scenario i think, is very possible. because first, tyreke evans will definitely be there at no.4. second i think atlanta may fall for this trade because of the alluring contract of k9 which is expiring next season. so if that happens we would have the most explosive and high flying 1 2 3 combo and our starting 5 would be :

tyreke evans at PG

kevin martin at SG

josh smith at SF

jason thompson  at PF

spencer hawes at C

this line-up i think will complement  our new coach considering that westphal likes an up tempo game. and with those 3 throwing oops to each other and thompson and hawes continuing to develop as 2 of our main inside presence, imagine how exciting this team could become! and not to mention the playoffs being a possibility for the kings again.

add another free agent to help our interior defense like marcin gortat maybe. and we should be good.

our bench should look like these:

beno udrih at pg (dammit!)

francisco garcia at sg

donte greene at sf

#23 or #31 at pf

marcin gortat at c

let me also tell you why evans should be #4 and not rubio/flynn/holiday/etc.

evans can

1. play good defense. with his strength,size,quickness, and amazing wingspan. he should be able to guard to other premier pg on this league. with his strength he can stop postup pg like billups. with his quickness he can stay close to flashy pg like parker, with his wingspan he can disrupt the shooting rythm of the likes of nash and with his size which is 6'5 he can give problems to smaller pg like nelson.

2. he can score.  this is not a problem for him. and to those who are saying that he shoot a lot for a pg, well, chris paul, who is recognized as the best pg today is averaging close to 15 shots a game. and i know the he is not a good jumpshooter but hey, remember tony parker when he first enter the league? he was all drive and no jumpshot but look at him now. also d wade is a poor shooter during his rookie season, but now he could kill you from almost everywhere. and he also outplayed flynn and cathales during his workout with sac. and with his size, he can create multiple matchup problem.

3. he will LEARN to be a true PG. he already played pg during the later part of his memphis days and he already said it, he has no problems playing pg. and  with the talent and potential that he has, he will soon learn how to be a passer. plus with the priceton offense which is highlighted by lashy passes and backdoor cuts, where even a big man develops passing abilities, i dont see why evans would'nt. and he is a good ballhandler.

4. IMO, ricky rubio is a bit overrated. yes, he played well in europe, BUT, nba is very DIFFERENT from the euroleague. i'll give brandon jennings as an example. he was a sensational player during his highschool days, but decided to play in italy, as a result, he struggled an his average got ugly. some say jennings would have been a better prospect than rubio if only he had played in college instead of playing europe ball.


please comment :)) this is my first fanpost..

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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