Why Rubio is Petrie's guy

(I posted this in a thread but figured it was long enough to stand on its own.)

On why this is a giant, and hopefully masterful misdirection play on Petrie's part...

- GP usually NEVER leaks this amount of information (not only their opinions on the workouts but opening up clips of workouts to the public and mainstream media)
- there has been a TREMENDOUS amount of misdirection about who we’re taking, even if we assume that they actually do not really like Rubio
- we gain a large deal of leverage over Memphis and OKC if we do not exhibit interest in Rubio. Each team really likes a couple of guys and it is no guarantee that they will have a guy on their list at the trade down spot if they go to #6 or lower. Therefore their safest best bet is getting the Kings to move up a couple of spots and get a guy they would have taken at #2 anyways, plus a pick and/or an expiring.
- Rubio is typically Petrie’s type of guy. Amazing passer, fundamentally sound, not extremely athletic (which Petrie often has overlooked in the past), very high hoops IQ. I think we tend to forget this. Rubio is almost like what Petrie would make if he could craft a point guard from scratch.
- Concerning Jonny Flynn – since when has Petrie been sold on leadership as a determining factor for a draft pick? (See Williams, Jason…leadership ain’t exactly getting kicked off your college team for smoking the reefer). And also, since Flynn by all accounts got severely outplayed in his workout by Jennings, why would our interest in him go up higher once we saw him? Intangible factors and the like. Fantastic intangibles, sound like someone else we know?

Bottom line, if Rubio’s there at four, no way we don’t take him. If he’s not, who knows. I have no idea at all. I think it’s a three dog race between Flynn/Evans/Curry if we’re looking for either a pure PG, the best player available, or the biggest upside, respectively. (Yes, I think Curry has the biggest upside…if he learns how to play point guard at the NBA level, he will be unlike just about every other point guard in NBA history in that he would be an elite scorer along with being a good distributor and all. It’s iffy, but I think he can pull it off.)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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