Here's one reason to root for the L#$ers...

So assuming the Purple & Gold get past Super Man Redux and Hedon't (this year), Jackson will have surpassed immortality and have nothing left to prove. Although winning never gets old, dating the boss's daughter might if she continues with the behind the scene's home videos. There was a longer video taken where he is interviewed in bed, but after watching it, I was overcome with nausea, so I give you this one so you at least you get the idea...

Jeanie Vision - trailer for promotion (via seabridgeone)

Jackson may be somewhat bound to the team to please Jeanie. Here is a pic that further illustrates what effect she may have on him and what he does going forward.



There is a real strong possibility that he may have to coach a little longer if he likes basketball. (Insert -- How 'bout them basketballs?)

If they lose this year, expect him to stay on as the coach at least for another year.

If they win, 50/50 chance he steps away from the sideline. Normally, Executive positions open up for coaches in this situation. However, The Lakers are already stacked with a full staff. In fact Phil's future father-in-law Jerry just filled the open assistant General Manager role. Bonnie Jill-Laflin, who looks to me to be quite qualified.



Although Mitch Kupchak has never been beloved during his tenure, I don't see how Phil taking over for Mitch and inserting himself into a Buss club sandwich with Jeanie reporting to Phil and Phil reporting to son Jim or Jerry. I also don't see the Buss regime disbanding anytime soon, so, Phil may have some big decisions to make after the season is over. At best it is incest, worst case, it is fodder for Jeanie's Reality TV Series - The Busts and the Buss's.

So what does this mean for our Kings:

Does Phil's departure mean Rambis is out for the King's gig? You would think so but, er, no. Lots of rumors down here that Phil wants Rambis to succeed him as Coach--others want Byron Scott to be the next Coach. There is a little bit of a quandary given Rambis leaving the organization is somewhat dependent on Phil's decision which is somewhat dependent on the Lakers winning (given) and somewhat dependent on the Buss dynamics such as, "Sweetie, I know Daddy will pay you $15M to coach one more year, what do you say? Pretty Please?!"

Rambis is tight with Phil for sure. In fact he went on KLAC AM Sports Radios Show and blasted Jim Buss for insinuating that Phil was fired the first time by Jerry Buss. exclaiming. "Jim Buss was puffing up his chest a little bit and trying to take charge and make his voice heard and make his voice known. But some of the comments he said (about Jackson) … flat out weren’t right."

He also defended Phil over other comments Jim made about Phil's development of younger players,"We’re working with our young guys constantly on a daily basis to improve them. But Jim doesn’t know that because he doesn’t come to practice."

Regardless, I doubt Rambis is tighter with Phil than Jeanie so I am not surprised over reports that Rambis has not yet played his hand with the Kings yet--still holding out for a sign that the keys to the Staples Center are his.

The only thing that is certain is if the LA team dispatches the Magic quickly, then decisions will be made sooner.

If Rambis leaves Jack Nicholas Court, then most likely it is because Phil is staying put. that is bad for the Kings. So if you want to increase the likelihood that the LA team drops off of supremacy, then root for those bastards this week.

And then take a long hot shower to wash yourself free of that nauseous feeling you will have. Just thinking about it all makes me want to puke purple and gold.







(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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