Another Look into King's history

I saw that my last post generated at lot of dialogue between many of the Sacramento Kings fans on StR. Now that being the case, I wanted to do one more past thread before I, myself, let the past go and wait patiently for our return to the top.

So I present to you in no particular order, my top 5 favorite Kings plays of recent memory. Sorry if I left stuff off the list, I haven't been watching basketball as long as some of you have. But I'm sure this will conjure memories of where you were when it happened. As a ground rule, I'm using these just because I was astounded or they were a big play. Take them for what they are. Ready?

5. Peja gamewinner vs the Pistons

I love this play not only because I watched it live (in the palace) but because this was during the time where there was a notion that Peja was the deadliest shooter in the league. This just confirmed that. It was beautiful being one of the 6 Kings fans in the palace. So for sentimental value alone, this makes the list.

4. Kevin Martin Gamewinner vs the Spurs

This man is now THE man in our city. I believe that this play was the start of it all. Yes, at the time we all knew he had potential. But with all the pressure on the line and two people that had no problem taking the last shot, the kid wins the game over one of the greatest. You have to appreciate it.

3. Chris Webber behind the back to Vlade

I understand this is not a game winner, but it is important to show this clip. This clip showed why our team was so entertaining, revolutionary, and fun. Our bigs could pass the ball so well. On top of that, how many posterizing dunks does Divac have? To find the play click on the link, it's number nine.

2. Mike Bibby blocks Lebron James

Why is this ranked so high? For one, I was there and got to see it live at ARCO. Second, this is a PG blocking one of the greatest in the game. What's not to like? Rarity alone should justify this. It was perfectly timed and considering who this block is on, can't really ask for more.

1. Mike Bibby Game Winner Game 5

I've never seen Arco so crazy before. And what pains me about this play is that they always show Robert Horry's game winner and never show this one. What's that all about? We would of closed out the series if it weren't for a certain referee. If I ever had to pick one shot to sum up the Kings' early 2000 dominance and in many ways, the hope of Kings fans to return to this some day, it's this one hands down.

Sorry if I missed your favorites. You can always link them in the comments or even just mention them. I have no doubt people will remember them. We're going to be back, and just think you got to watch it all happen.

Thanks Everyone.

How strong? Sacramento_Strong

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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