Mayday E'ryday

I am Sean May and this is my daily workout plan.

I wake up at 9:59 am every morning, because that way I'm up before everyone that wakes up at 10. They're hitting the snooze button two, three times - I'm hitting it once. I get up and I eat breakfast, because breakfast is my most important meal of the day. So I get my proteins in (bacon), I get my carbos in (home fries), I get my fruits and veggies in (Diet V8 Splash), and I do it twice to make sure I don't miss anything. With that accomplished, I get off the table and go to the living room to get my morning stretches in.

You see, as a basketball player, you need to be flexible. When the muscle is stretched, it is less prone to injury, can sustain exercise for longer durations, and is more explosive. My game hinges on explosiveness. And what else does my game hinge on? That's right: shooting. Sean "ImmaShootIt" May needs to make sure his shooting is on point, and what is the most important muscle for shooting? The fingers. So everyday, this Sean May stretches out his fingers to the point of pain with an hour-long marathon of channel surfing. I do suicide lines - go from ESPN to ESPN2 then back down, go up to ESPNNews and back down, then all the way up to FoxSports then back down, then (this is when it really starts to burn) - I wind sprint to NBATV, and back down. Don't say Sean May doesn't put in work, I do this for fans.

Next up is I head to the practice facility. On the way over, though, I stop and get myself a post-workout snack. You see, stretching actually burns calories, so you need to monitor your diet closely to ensure that your stretching routine doesn't aversely drain you prior to your workout routine. Personally, I view the Carls Jr. six dollar burger as having the best combination of protien, carbohydrates and vegetables - I get rid of the tomatoes, because I don't do fruit after breakfast. However, in a pinch (you know your boy got the vet's minimum), Taco Bell's cheesy ground beef burrito completes my morning post-breakfast quick-recharge meal needs most affordably.

When I get to the practice facility, most everybody is there. It's like 12:00, you see - I like to get there when the gym is full, and popping. Having the whole team there while you workout really is important to team morale and chemistry. You see, Sean "ImmaPassIt" May is all about team. This team. So I go in and I give my props to all the players. But first, I grab two pre-workout Gatorade protein shakes. Those shits are delicious, and you never want to deny your body the protein it needs while its building muscle. Usually around this time I see Kevin - dude's doing his cool-down workout already, it's not even 12:30. Some people you know, they're just not willing to put the work in.

I, on the other hand, put the work in. After grabbing an extra during-workout protein shake (see, your body needs to recharge the calories lost during its workout, or all you're doing is burning muscle - Sean May doesn't burn muscle). See, I'm athletic. And I've got the mental resolve to play through the pain. So I don't really need to work on my physical endurance that much, because, you know, I can out-think pain. However, Shapiro doesn't think like I think (you got to excuse the guy, he really means well), so he's got me running alot, going up and down the court a whole bunch. This doesn't front me much. You see, rather than go through the arduous process of explaining my raw physicality (heretofore unseen in the NBA), all I do is that everytime Shapiro looks away, I do a 180 and start running the other way, counting the lap I just did. You see, this helps me in two ways. First, it saves my body for the games. Second, it really lets me practice turning on my pivot foot, and Sean "IBeastInThePost" May needs that ability to flourish in the post game. I know, great idea, right? I told you Sean May's got the mental part of the game figured out.

After running, I go to workout. See, the Maloofs gone done and hired this super-hot trainer, so when I roll into the place I gots to talk to her. You see, Sean "BigMac" May has got game like... like... man, a Big-Mac sounds bomb right now. Anyway, after talking to her for awhile, its time to peace out and work on shooting with coach Pete. But dude so old, he prolly won't notice me peaceing early, right? I mean, I already did my finger stretches this morning, I'm pretty sure I'm good on the whole shooting thing.

Anyway, so now you know how a proffessional athlete gets busy. It's been a long day, so I'm going to go home and stretch out my other fingers (you know, gotta try and get that ambi-dextruous game done right). You can roll with if you want, Dollar Menu's on me. I treat my homies big-Willie style.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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