Andre....To keep or not to keep

 When you look at the Kings roster as of now, a couple of things are apparent. They are very young and even more so have a cluster ***** of SF players with four (Nocioni, Greene, Casspi, and Garcia). Now of that group the only one with any known value throughout the league is Nocioni; Garcia is a good player but hasn't reached a point in his game where he gets noticed by non-sactos; the rest are still young and for better or worse very raw talent wise. So there becomes a little dillemma on what is the right move to make at the SF position, would it be best to move Noc to help the young guys get minutes (and when is the best time to move him), or do we keep him (kind of a long shot since he will turn 30 in november; sticks out like a sore thumb on a team with the average age of 25) and move one of the younger players. So if you will all please jump with me.........................................................


Ok glad we all made it through the jump, now onto trade talks. The best solution to the problem (but maybe the hardest) would be to trade Nocioni; whether it be now or later. (A new growing problem with later is that as of lately plenty of teams seem to be shopping for big name sf; Jefferson, Carter, Marion to dallas, Turkey, etc; meaning some contenders may not be in need of a sf leaving us with other sellers to sell to and thats no good). Trading Nocioni will free up minutes for Garcia to start at SF and Greene backing him up (Casspi will learn the ways of the nba rookie, sitting on the bench and getting doughnuts).........

I really like Garcia starting at SF because he is that kind of player that just goes out there and plays. Doesn't need the ball in his hands, makes hustle plays, and more important sparks the rest of the team and fans with his play. You put him in the starting lineup with stars at the other 4 postions (Evans, Martin, Thompson, Hawes) and he becomes that blue collar worker alla Doug Christie. He may not be the best talent at SF on the team but he is the best fit; I mean god forbid Adelman start Doug Christie instead of Hedo to go along with the likes of Bibby, Peja, Webber, and Vlade..........

Nocioni has a wide variety of skill sets, he has a outside and midrange jumper, can get to the basket and more importantly finish at the hoop, and plays some hardnose defense. If we were a good team i'd kill to keep him here, but on a bad team he'll do nothing more than what Salmons or Miller did last year. He'll be a great player on a veteran team going to playoffs or on a young playoff team insearch of veteran and offensive help. So with that said here are some Trade Scenarios.

 Nocioni to Washington for Andray Blatche and Deshawn Stevenson

If your the Wiz a starting lineup of Arenas, Miller, and Butler in the backcourt with Foye and Nocioni to back them up, solidifies you as at least a top 6 team in the east. Remeber they still have Jamison and McGee up front too. As for us we get to move Nocioni, and take on less money by about 700,000, get Stevenson's expiring next year contract, and get an intriguing kid in Blatche. He still has 3 years and 3 mill left but he's only 22, and straight out of High School. At 6'11 and 248 he fits that big body center need off the bench.


Nocioni to Utah for Fesenko and Harpring

This would be a tough deal since Harpring is a key part of Utah's offense, but Nocioni can easily replace that and is younger than the suprisingly only 33 year old Harpring (Really though he's only 33 I thought for sure like 40). As for our side of it the contracts come out to about the same at the trade, but Harprings 6 mill (Fesenko stil makes less that 1 mill a year) will be off the books next year, and we get another big bodied center to come off the bench. I don't know if i like this deal or think its a real possiblity, but it works on paper so i put it in here.


Nocioni to Toronto for Banks, Patrick O'Bryant, and Kris Humphries

For Toronto this trade works because one they solidify their sf spot with Hedo starting and a versatile Nocion backing him up or even starting at the sg spot since the Raptors are short on guards, they also get to move Marcus Banks contract in hopes of freeing up every valuable dollar to resign Bosh next year. As for us we would have to eat Bank's contract for 2 years but its still cheaper and less years than Noc, Humphries expires after next year, and him and Bryant kind of fill out the roster for this year as quality backup big men allowing all of our youngsters to get as many minutes as possible.

Nocioni to Bucks for Gadzuric and Mbeh-A-Moute

For the Bucks this deal frees up playing time for Alexander and more minutes at center for Bogut, Also gives a team full of shooting guards/small power fowards playing the sf position; a legit sf in the abscence of RJ. One of the pauses to this trade for the Kings is Gadzuric. He is a legit center but a 6 mill a year he is overpriced for a backup, which is really all he is. However its still a mill less than Noc contract, with one year less and fills a need; big body to backup hawes and provide a presence on D and the Boards. As far as Moute he bleeds versatitlity. His biggest issue regarding his game is no coach knows how to use him, to play him at the sf or pf positoin. Kind of a Donte Greene like dillemma but he cant shoot with Greene's proficiency.



The other option with Nocioni obviously is to just sit on him and keep him. There has never been the issue of does he have enough talent to be on this team (although he is no all-star, he's still a solid player who can put up points) but the fact that he is almost 30 on a team looking to build from the ground up. Can he be a part of the building process? maybe. He does a lot of things well to help a team win, it just so happens he is the least expendable of the many small fowards on the team. If we do end up keeping him i wouldn't be opposed because he still has three years, and if this team keeps improving like most of us think/hope they will he could be a versatile part of a playoff Kings team, a Hedo/Jimmy Jackson/Anthony Peeler type role player.

Now since I am in all intensive purposes a Newb i'm interested on StR's opinions on moves involving Noc, or any other options (don't really think there are options other than trade or keep but again i'm a Newb so idk) you may see regarding Noc......speak freely.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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