Time to trade Kevin Martin? Really?

So is it time to trade Kevin Martin?  Is this just another ridiculous post stating that opinion?  Hardly and I apologize for the cringe that a lot of you had when reading the headline

I would like to put the talks of trading Kevin Martin to rest, drive a wooden stake through their heart, burn them to ashes, and scatter them to the winds so that I never have to read another asinine trade comment, thread, post, or article on how trading him makes any sense at all. 

I view this post as, hopefully, an opportunity to lance the boil on all of our asses that is these talks of trading KMart.  An exorcism of the demons possessing otherwise respectable fans of the Kings.

Now typically these sorts of arguments go Kevin needs the ball in his hands too much, won’t get along with Evans, is not needed anymore, has too big of an ego, is too injury prone, or some such non-sense, etc etc etc...  Just for the record, and the umpteenth time, Kevin has a great contract, attitude, ego, great locker room presence, work ethic galore, the best offense on the team, and people still want to trade him...  I am just stunned and amazed by this...

But I just had an exchange that is a new one.  It went Kevin Martin has reached his potential and has no upside left so we should keep a rookie and instead trade him.  So he has now reached his pinnacle of basketball career and.. IT IS TIME TO GO?  My reaction was well beyond just a simple WOW!

My response was that Kevin should be untouchable and I was basically told that this is pro sport and anybody can be traded.  Examples of Mitch Richmond, Scot Pollard, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and others were used.  My take on this is that obviously it is not about who can be traded, but who should be traded. So I really looked at the examples or Richmond and Pollard in order to prove my point for me.  So here we go.  Let's pretend we are all reasonable people who can thoughtfully analyze these sorts of things and have a discussion about this trade talk even though they really are not typically well-reasoned.  A discussion that puts to rest any future discussions.  I know that many of the well reasoned types are exhausted in arguing this case and don't want to do it any more, but we owe it to the team and to Kevin.  I am counting on your input. 

Let's start with the examples given.  Mitch Richmond played for 10 years before being traded by the Kings and his game was going down hill side. That many years at 80 games a year will take their toll. He played OK for a few years after that, but had to finally retire. Of course a GM should trade an aging player who is costing tons of money and is about to decline in ability for the young wonder (Webber by the way) who will lead the rebuild. Trade them before they go down so far they are worthless and you are stuck with a huge contract you can’t trade.

Scot Pollards was injured throughout 2002-3 season, only played in 20 something games, when playing his rebounding number went down hugely (almost in half), and was traded the next year. Yeah it sucks but time to trade him.

When should you trade somebody? Not when they are peaking. Why is that such a hard thing for everybody to understand about Kevin Martin? He is peaking and there is all the great stuff I have already described above...  and yet time to trade him?  Ridiculous!

When Kevin is an expensive player in a horrible contract and about to be valueless you get the most and best you can for him. Until he is a Webber with no knees left he stays. Until then, yeah the guy should be untouchable. Get it?

Otherwise your GM is just an idiot. You are Don Nelson who trades away Mitch Richmond. You are the GM who ends up trading away guys that have a career like Kareem. Get it?  If not, stop go back up the to top, re-read and repeat until you get it.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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