The View from Section Jew14 (3rd rate kangsfan edition)


The wife and I attended our third game of the year and hoped for a third victory.  Sadly it wasn't so.  Here's the recap:

1st quarter


  • We arrive right as the National Anthem begins.  The singer was off key just a bit.  A chilling precursor of things to come.
  • As we sat we lost our appetite for pork.  Very peculiar...
  • It's good to see Tyreke back and his ankle seems okay.
  • The 2010 Royal court dancers look hotter than the 2009 RCDs.
  • Spence seems like a new man after his performance last night and his confidence is high.
  • Barea is the Mavs leading scorer 8 minutes into the game.
  • JT looks like he's back to normal.  Could've used a couple of those hoops last night though.
  • Brockman enters, Brockman rebounds.
  • 27-25 after one, they haven't lost heart after last night.


2nd quarter


  • Jason Terry is a cold blooded king killer
  • Noc jacks one up while triple teamed, ugh
  • Thunder sticks suck
  • Mavs run make me nervous, but will we weather the storm?
  • A near by fan says she can't tell Noc from Beno.  It's probably because all white people look alike.
  • They're taking the fun out of fundamentals and adding it to dysfunctional.
  • 6pts in 7 minutes, not good
  • If I hear that damned poker face song one more time I'm going to poke a knife in my ear.
  • Tyreke is having trouble getting back into the flow of things
  • Westphal has seen enough and let the ref know about it.  Gotta love him.


Half time


  • $5 soda, $6 ice cream...why aren't people attending the games?

3rd Quarter


  • Dirk hasn't lost it
  • Dallas has good D
  • How can we make Casspi and Tyreke co ROY?
  • Marion has been very quiet but it doesn't seem to matter.
  • This years Kings team won't quit.  I like it.
  • The break dance team is better than the RCDs
  • Why do they wait until 10 seconds on the shot clock to initiate the damn offense?
  • BS call against Sergio in the open court from my view point
  • 2 words on the end of the quarter:  Ug   &  Lee

4th Quarter


  • Que "Enter Sandman"  Let's F some S up and let the Mavs know who they're playing.
  • Half court shot was close, sign him up and get him out there.
  • We're winning the board battle but losing the FG%, asst, and TO battles.
  • I'm going to shove a thunder stick up someone's you know what in a minute
  • Shots are looking flat, they're looking tired and losing control of the game
  • Painful to watch, can they play that Poker Face song again?
  • Whats happening?  6 Point game with 30 seconds left!  The Basketball Gods owe us this one. 
  • Game over, the BBall gods sold their soul to the lakers,errr the devil.  Same thing I guess.
  • I'm going home to eat a bacon, ham and pork chop sandwich.

Thanks Section for the tix!!  Despite the loss we had a great time.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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