Why I Almost Crashed My Car Today



I hate to say it but it happened.  As I was driving home from school today, Peaches mentioned something I actually think is a good idea.  This is a rare occurrence as his pure douche baggery tends to lead him to spout off at the mouth without regard to reality.  But I digress, it did happen.  What did he say?

Kevin Martin could be 6th man of the year. 


This is something I've been contemplating for the last half of the recent road trip.  For Napes to manage a cohesive train of thought and come up with a good idea, caused me to swerve off the road(not really).  Kevin's return has been rocky and it is too short of a sample size to make any drastic decisions but this makes sense.


Why Kevin?: What most teams look for in a sixth man, is a guy who brings energy, and can light up the scoreboard.  For example Manu, Crawford, Terry, etc..  These guys all are at or near KM's skill level(maybe not Crawford but dude can light it up) and have all accepted their role as sixth man.  They still play a large chunk of the game including crucial minutes in crunch time.  If Kevin can accept this role as well he could be devastating off the bench.


Why this helps the Kings:  The lineup with Beno, and Tyreke starting seems to have a solid chemistry and they play well off one another.  Either man can bring the ball up the floor and when Kevin is inserted into the game either man can shift to the one.  The kings reserve lineup would consist of some serious firepower if you bring in KM, Casspi, and Cisco, or any combination of these players. 


Can Kevin accept the role?:  This is the twenty four thousand dollar question.  Kevin doesn't seem to have the Webber ego but Wesphal did insert him directly into the starting lineup coming off his injury.  While that could be explained as Westphal deciding the season is more about experience or it could be that Kevin insisted on starting.  While I tend to believe the former, the reason could indeed be the latter as we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.


What the Lineups would look like in my scenario:

Starting:Beno, Tyreke, Donte, Jason, and Spencer

Subs(in order of likely appearance): Kevin, Francisco/Casspi, Brockman, Armstrong

-Noc, K9, and Ime in spot situations


If Kevin will accept the role as sixth man it could really work.  Now I'm going to pray to every god I can think of that I never have to agree with Peaches and Cream again.


Let the dismantling of my theory begin...

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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