Missing Person Report!

Dear Sac-Town Royalty,

I am writing you in great distress and as a last hope to recover my lost loved one, who has been missing since late December. I have called the police and every radio station in the greater Sacramento area as well as posted ads in the newspaper and milk cartons (which I will post below). I have done all I can, but I need your help to figure out how to bring back the one who means the most to me.

If you have not realized that the lost loved one I referred to above is our exciting competitive basketball team. Our beloved Kings have been in a slump as of late while Tyreke Evans remains the only royal one. As I mentioned above, I will post the milk cartons of the faces of the lost players.  I will continue by explaining what can be done to revitalize this team.

Carton #1
While many of you may believe he is already found, what we have received is just merely proof of life.  We know he is still cabable of playing, now we need beloved efficient scorer back for good.

Carton #2
It's Omri NOT Omar! Maybe if the media got his name right, he'd actually try to play hard again.  But on a serious note, he seems tired, and out of his comfort zone.

Carton #3
Oh Spencer. The talent is there, but you have been missing for nearly the whole season, except when we play the Lakers.

Carton #4

Jason Thompson needs to grow up.  He needs to not let his attitude refrain him from tapping into his full potential. 

Carton #5
When Donte does play well, we LOVE to watch.  He excites us with his hustle and makes us laugh with his contagious laugh. We need you to start playing well again so we can bring the thunder back to ARCO!

Carton #6

Beno's struggles have not been as major as the previous players, but his great play results in Wins as evidenced in the Golden State win. 

In order to find our lost players, we must create a search unit. This unit must be headed by Coach Paul Westphal while we as fans continue to search. Westphal must use his coaching abilities to find the abilities and potential in these players again. He has found it once, but with re-emergence of Kevin Martin, he must rediscover the talent, and utilize it to its full potential. It's time to structure this team with set plays, because the “just let the young guns run around” plan has failed. If Westphal designed ways to get Kevin Martin open shots, we can toss carton #1. If Westphal could design ways for Omri Casspi to get open shots using off-ball screens as well as establishing Casspi's role, then there's no need for carton 2. Westphal needs to design plays to run the ball through Spencer Hawes at the top of the key which would open the lane up for Jason Thompson and allow Spencer to utilize his passing skills and gain confidence. In process destroying carton 3 and 4. Cartons 5 and 6 are a bit more tricky. I can not explain why Beno or Donte have struggled, but I am a fan, not a head coach. So as fans we must not give up on our team, they will be found! Keep faith, hope, and stay strong!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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