Kings Links: Donte Greene Speaks, Carl Landry Looks for Himself

Omri Casspi at the Kings' 2010 Open Practice. Photo by Michael Guastella, added to Sactown Royalty on Facebook.

The Purple Panjandrum - A short question and answer with the ellusive Donté Greene
Ham gets Greene to talk about his training camp performance and more. Good little read.

Sacramento Bee - Kings notes: Missing pieces create puzzle for Westphal
A touch more Donté in here, as Paul Westphal says Greene is coming along in camp.

Sacramento Bee - Kings' Thompson strives for 82 games of consistency
Jones brings it on JT. Thompson has a great line near the end about opposing bigs not wanting to see him bringing the ball up the court past them. Apparently, Francisco Garcia doesn't want to see that either.

The Purple Panjandrum - Pre-season interview #4: Carl Landry
A Q&A with Landry, with talk about camp so far, Landry's work ethic and playing under both Rick Adelman and Westphal.

Sacramento Bee - Carl practices hard to find the 'real' Landry
More on Landry from Jones.

Kings Blog and Q&A - Wright's turn at small forward
Antoine Wright didn't play Thursday, but he's not being forgotten. His "audition" for the small forward spot is today in Oakland.

The Purple Panjandrum - Training camp update: Day 11
Ham with a detailed report from Saturday's practice.

A few more after the jump.

NetsDaily - Cousins Says He Will Go At Favors' Neck
Nets fans react to DMC's trash talk aimed at Derrick Favors. (For what it's worth, Shoals will be writing about this dispute for Monday's Works on FanHouse.)

Purple Drank - Blogs - Sacramento News & Review
SN&R has a new Kings blog called Purple Drank. Seriously. Best blog name ever?

Sacramento Bee - Ailene Voisin: Ex-King Divac featured in documentary on Yugoslav war
Ms. Voisin reviews ESPN's 30 For 30 doc Once Brothers, which is centered around Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic. It airs Tuesday night.

The Painted Area - 2010-11 Basketball Books Preview
There are a ton of interesting basketball books coming out soon. I wrote a couple essays for the FreeDarko tome, including one of the rebirth of the fast break, starring J-Wil, C-Webb and Your Sacramento Kings. The book as a whole is gorgeous (seriously), and it was truly an honor to work with so many ultra-talented people. (As for another work on the list, the 2010-11 Pro Basketball Prospectus, we'll have an excerpt and Q&A with one of the authors this week.)

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