Warriors 95, Kings 86: Box Score Breakdown

The Kings went into Oakland shorthanded, with Carl Landry, Beno Udrih and Samuel Dalembert sitting out and Tyreke Evans again playing limited minutes (21).


A disastrous shooting night inside the arc for the Kings. The team shot 30.8 percent on twos. Antoine Wright shot 0-4 on twos. Jason Thompson shot 3-12. Darnell Jackson: 2-6. Pooh Jeter: 2-7. Omri Casspi: 0-3. Donte Greene: 0-3. That's a whole lot of misses.

On the bright side, the Kings shot very well from deep, converting 10 of 23 (.435) threes. Luther Head broke out, shooting 3-5 from deep. Wright hit 2-3, and Francisco Garcia 2-4.

The Warriors had a rough night from the field as well, shooting 33-65 (.507) on twos and 3-20 (.150) on threes. Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis were a combined 2-10 from three.


The Kings grabbed 11 offensive rebounds in 54 opportunities, a middling 20 percent rebound rate. Thompson (4) and Cousins (5) had nine of those between them. Thompson's offensive rebound rate for the game works out to a bit over 10% (fairly average for JT) and DMC's works out to 17%. David Lee (11) handled the defensive glass pretty well.

The Warriors fared better on their offensive glass, with Jeff Adrien collecting seven in 23 minutes (a 29% O-Reb rate). (!) Golden State had 11 offensive rebounds in 50 opportunities, a 22 percent team rebound rate. Outside of allowing Adrien to go nuts, the Kings did pretty well on the defensive glass; Francisco Garcia chipped in nine in 33 minutes (26% D-Reb rate), a good sign considering the main thing holding him back from really being a competitive small forward in the NBA is his guard-like rebounding. Thompson (8) and Cousins (6) also handled the defensive glass well.


The Kings had 15 turnovers in a 103-possession game, a not-terrible mark. The terrible part was that Tyreke Evans had five of them in 21 minutes. All of them were bad passes or ball-handling turnovers. Cousins had just one turnover this time out (an offensive foul), and Thompson added three (picked by Lee once, a traveling call and an offensive foul).

The Warriors had just 11 turnovers. The Kings generated six steals, two by Garcia (who also had two blocks, insert rising expectations here) and two by Head. Ellis and Curry looked great on paper, generating nine assists to three turnovers between them. Of course, Ellis had six assists and zero turnovers, if you want to be specific about it.

Jeremy Lin had two turnovers in one minute of action.


The Kings didn't get to the line particularly frequently. Garcia, Thompson and Darnell Jackson each had four FTAs. The team did shoot better from the line (.737), though.

The Warriors got to the line for 28 FTAs, with Ellis (9 FTAs) having the most impact.


You're not going to believe this, but: three games, zero technical fouls for the Kings.

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