Tyreke Evans, not a PG but a ball hog..... what?!?!

         I am sure you have all either heard of or read this misguided observation, but I'm finally tired of hearing about it. Why is it Tyreke is a ball hog, yet these 3 other pg's, who's stats you will soon see, are either all-stars or the 09-10 MIP. These other 3 PG's have similar games, while 2 are good 3 point shooters they still like to get into the teeth of the defense to create for others.

Astsist%- the % of a players possessions that ends in an assist.

Usage- the number of possessions a player uses per 40 minutes.        

PPG- points per game.                                  ShPG- shots per game.

APG- Assists per game.                               %oTS- % of a teams shots used per game.

PLAYER          Assist%           Usage               PPG              ShPG             APG           %oTS

Rose, D             21.2                 26.3                 20.8               17.6                  6                 21

Billups, C           23.1                23.6                 19.5               13.2                5.6                16

Brooks, A           20.4                24.8                 19.6               16.2                 5.3               19

Evans, T             20.7                25.4                 20.1               16.2                 5.8               19

Now  look at Evans numbers next to those 3 PG's who are never questioned about their position and aren't classified as "Ball-hogs".


         Pretty similar numbers, looking at them i would say Rose is the "ball-hog". When it comes down to it they all  have similar Ast% and usage rates to Tyreke, yet they have so much more talent and experience to help the rack up assists. How many great looks Tyreke gave Hawes or JT at the rim that weren't finished, I don't know for sure but it was a frequent occurrence (especially with Spencer Softs). Once a legit post presence and scorer (Landry) showed up, he averaged  7.1 apg.

         Now im not saying Evans is a perfect PG, but for a Rookie playing on the least experienced NBA team he did better than many would have. (2.14 years avg NBA experience for the 09-10 Kings). I just don't get this misconception that Tyreke isn't a PG and that he can't be. Even more i cant understand how he is considered a "ball-hog" but these other guys arent. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying they are, because they aren't, all I'm saying is there is no way  people should call Tyreke one. Just because he has the height to be a 2 guard, or the length and strength of a small forward doesn't mean he cant be a PG. Maybe its just wishful thinking, they don't want him to be a PG so he wont destroy the PG from their favorite team.


Thanks for reading the rants of a person sick of hearing misinformed opinions from people who never even watch the kid play.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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