Kings Links: Hats Off to the Landry Brothers

Sacramento Bee - Marcus Landry hopes to join big brother Carl on Kings
Marcus Landry has impressed in four days of camp. What about his big brother?

Kings Blog and Q&A: Landry looking for Kings to follow his lead
Carl has struggled a bit more, but is looking to take a leadership role. Good on him.

Sacramento Bee - Casspi found little leisure in summer

The Purple Panjandrum - Training camp update: day 4
More love for Pooh Jeter.

Full Court Press - Kings Veteran Stands Out in Backcourt
Beno is locking up that second backcourt spot.

KHTK - Kevin Johnson Interview
The mayor speaks about the arena situation. Not as gloomy as the rest of coverage has been.

FanHouse - Few to Blame in Kings Arena Quandary
Speaking of gloomy ... my write-up of where we stand with the arena. - Slamson is Camping on Top of the IKEA Sign
... until fans buy 1,000 more tickets for the home opener.

Sacramento Press - Slamson on the IKEA Sign
Some pretty great photos of the stunt from the Press. No one can ever accuse the new Kings' business staff of not being creative.

FanHouse - Rockets' No-Extension Rule
Daryl Morey won't even talk about extensions for any of his players, including Yao, Aaron Brooks, Shane Battier and Kevin Martin. It's an interesting tact, certainly.

AP - NBA Doubles Technical Foul Fine
As if the new emphasis on player complaining wasn't enough, techs cost twice as much. First one is $2,000. Yeesh. - Phoenix Suns ready to get the games going
The Suns are getting ready for Tuesday's preseason game in Sacramento.

Pottsville Mercury - With Dalembert gone, Speights ready to take reins at center
Maybe I'm reading this with biased eyes, but it almost sounds as if the 76ers are worried about their post-Dalembert center spot? Rough one-line dismissal of Spencer Hawes in here.

Sacramento Business Journal - Bee will cut 29 more jobs
The Bee will lose five newsroom jobs as a part of continued cost-cutting for McClatchy. Never good.

IGN's NBA Jam Preview
The new NBA Jam comes out Tuesday. Despite a lack of online play (!!!), IGN gives it a strong review. Can't wait to beat the Heat with Mitch Richmond + Tyreke Evans.

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