Kings Roster Spot Power Rankings, 10/4

The Kings have 19 players in camp. Only 13-14 will make the team. Twelve already have guaranteed contracts. These power rankings handicap the race for 1-2 spots among the other seven contenders.

Now let's make some far-reaching judgments based on public commentary and an open scrimmage.

1. Marcus Landry

Landry, not his more touted competitors, is who came out shooting well in the open scrimmage. Landry hit a few threes and, according to the Bee's Jason Jones, played solid defense on Donté Greene. Perhaps most notable is that he -- not Omri Casspi, Greene, Francisco Garcia or Antoine Wright -- started in the scrimmage game on a team featured sure-bet starters Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih and Carl Landry, and possible starter Samuel Dalembert. Whether it was a test run or a nod to the Landry Bros., who knows? An interesting choice nonetheless.

If Marcus makes the team, the Landrys would be the first set of brothers to play on the same team since Mark and Brent Price in 1996 Dominique and Gerald Wilkins in 1999 (thanks to Ben Q. Rock for that slice of trivia), and just the third fourth set in NBA history (the Van Arsdales were the first).

2. Luther Head

Tuesday night's Suns game will be a big deal for most of the non-guaranteed players, but perhaps biggest for Head, who needs to remind the coaching staff how well he can shoot to have a shot at making the roster. He didn't do so well on Sunday.

3. Joe Crawford

4. J.R. Giddens

That's completely subjective. As I've argued before, I'm not sure Giddens is the right fit for that 13th or 14th spot, even if he is the most talented player in the bunch. Crawford, meanwhile, represents a smaller M. Landry in my mind. If Landry's playing well, I'm not sure there is room for Joe.

5. Donald Sloan

If Beno and Tyreke are starting together, and Pooh Jeter is playing real minutes off the bench, there's still not much room for Sloan as an emergency option considering both starting guards are point guards. It seems as if time is running out for Donald; in fact, depending on how Hassan Whiteside's injury progresses and how many bigs Paul Westphal feels he needs for the preseason and interspersed practices, Sloan could be the first cut, as soon as today. But that kid's a fighter, and he'll be heard from somewhere.

6. Darnell Jackson

Jackson had a lovely scrimmage performance, and is getting solid reviews from the practice facility. That said, a sixth big still doesn't make any sense. And keeping him would end up making John Hollinger right about Jon Brockman. Don't do it, Paul!

7. Connor Atchley

Atchley's about 350 lbs. away from looking a lot like Mike Lamb.

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