Suns and Kings - Takeaway thoughts


Hi All,

I know there is probably more to follow from others, but here are some of my thoughts and reflections from the game.


So, I went to the game and have some take away thoughts.  Firstly, let me just say that the first quarter sucked.  The lack of energy and any semblance of chemistry was painful to watch.  That lasted until Pooh Jeter came in and picked up the tempo a bit.  His impact was hard to define except that it changed things up and at that point any change would have been an improvement.  


We ended the first half coming back by quite a ways and went on the win the game, but that first quarter sticks out as abysmal basketball.  That later three quarters made up for it and we got some good play from our young guys.  


In watching it was clear that Omri really deserves to the start.  He is fiery and fierce.  A true competitor.  I don’t know what the heck was going on, but he defended very well along the three point line and pretty much kept Duddly in check.  I would have to say that the Kings defended the perimeter pretty well in general as well.  The first half the Suns only shot 7 three point shots and made 1.  Pretty damned good. 


Marcus Landry seems pretty solid, for a rookie.  He made a couple of really obvious mistakes and got pulled at one point, but was in double digits in playing just over 20 minutes.  I call tonight a success for him…  Top Hat and big bro also had a good game.  They are playing him at the top of the key and it was interesting.  Seem to use him to swing the ball, pivoting the offense, from one side of the court to the other.  He had some nice passes and a couple nice drives, shots, and seemed solid.  


That CANNOT be said for Luther Head.  His shot was so awful and he was just not in the flow with the team.  He defended and put out effort, but he did so many things wrong.  OH and his shot was aaaaaaaawful.  Did I say that?  Wacked!  Most jumpshots don’t include jumping forward several feet and trying to shoot.  It really is impossible to explain.  I would just say that if somebody had a hitch in their gitty up he had the hitch, along with the whole damned wagon that was attached.


Beno looked pretty good.  Jeter as well.  I think they are both solid, but didn’t really stand out much.  Though Beno really did make some nice moves and Jeter really seems to like the high elbow to shoot from.  Hit a few shots there.  


It was kind of weird.  They rotated the ball handling.  Everybody got a fair amount of it, but when they turned it over the Tyreke he pretty much went off.  He was passing into the low post and doing the things that HighTops said he maybe could not do at all, did them well.  Oh and yeah he also scored 26 points and led the team in assists with 5.   It was also nice to see him playing off the ball, doing some give and goes to slash to the rim with a bucket at several points.


JT was great.  I have got to say that he really played a very good game.  He led the team in scoring for a while and seemed to be defending, passing, and scoring in rhythm consistently.  He had maybe one ticky tack foul and only complained about one call.  Part of which was him being upset at himself as well.  I think that 17 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks says it all. 


Now DMC, Big Cuz, Demarcus Cousins.  God this kid can play.  His talent level is just tremendous.  He made some rookie mistakes turning over the ball, but 16 points and 16 rebounds in 30 minutes was great.  He was really a defensive presence and cleaned the boards.  The Suns really only have Lopez and played this guy named Dwayne Jones, not so good, quite a bit so there was limited competition, but DMC was out there making his presence felt and it was nice to see.  


I think everybody else did OK.  Donte’ played some PF and that went pretty well against a smaller Suns line up.  He had some nice moves, but only played 11 minutes with 4 points.  I was a little concerned about Antoine Wright.  All defense and no scoring with 11 minutes and zero points.  He may be a very limited use player if he can’t do some scoring.  


Overall we had fewer turnovers, more assists, and we had 11 more rebounds than the Suns.  We came back from that awful 1st quarter by bringing in guys with energy off the bench and executing nice plays that really allowed us to win the games.  There were some very nice give and goes, screens, and other plays that stood out.  


A good game that started really bad, but redeemed itself.  I enjoyed hanging out with LTTG the second half of the game.  He invited me down to his neck of the woods (thanks!) and it was great to hang out.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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