Kings Meet and Greet at the Cafeteria 15L, Sacramento!

Hey everybody.  Caseycheesecake here.  I was able to go to an exclusive meet the Kings thing because my dad's company, that I work at, owns very expensive seats and nobody was able to go but me.  There were about 40 people there.  The Kings that were there were Petrie and wife, Carril, Dalembert, the Landry brothers, Cousins, Whiteside and Greene.  I have a few pictures to show and a few stories to tell.  Enjoy after the jump.

Follow the link and I'll explain the pictures. 

1)  Jason was really cool.  He wasn't afraid to talk to anybody and was messing around with the microphone for a while.  DeMarcus was easily the best and nicest guy there.  He talked to everybody, joked around, and ate lots of free food.  And he didn't get pissed when some young kid came up and told him "hey this off-season, don't even worry about playing basketball, just work on conditioning."  Yeah...they shouldn't have let those two kids in.  

2)  I asked Carl why Hassan Whiteside was so grumpy.  He referenced him hurting his knee and didn't really elaborate.  Hassan was just sitting down, literally frowning, and not talking to anybody the whole night.  At one point, Jason and DeMarcus even tried to get him to stand up by grabbing his arm and he got pissed and walked away.  I don't know for sure what his deal was, but I already forgive him.

3)  I saw Pete Carril but couldn't talk to him very much.  He was walking around with some young kid that I've never heard of.  I think the kid is connected.  Anyway when I was going to take a picture, DeMarcus ran in and made it 10x better.  Thanks DeMarcus. 

4)  Donte Greene was the only one not wearing Kings stuff.  He was the second best socializer, behind DeMarcus.  He was pretty popular so I didn't talk to him much.

5)  So, after it got a little dark, we all went inside and played Pictionary!  That's right.  We divided into 5 teams, each led by a player, and the winning team got a prize!  Each player got 1 minute to get as many as possible.  Jason went first and got 4.  Donte got 4.  Sam was next.  He SUCKS at Pictionary!  Look at that picture!  The top left was "spoon".  To the right of that is, get this..."underwear".  He was in the middle of drawing "hill" and he ended with 3.  Marcus was my leader and we only got 3.  :(  Then Carl got disqualified because he wrote the word "BOB" to help with his "bobcat" picture.  Donte and Jason battled in the second round.  Jason's team couldn't guess a single one.  Donte got one and everybody on his team won 4 suite tickets to Tuesday's game.  

6)  That's some of the free stuff we got.

*Not pictured: Marcus Landry, Hassan Grumpyface, Geoff Petrie and wife.

All in all, the night was super fun.  I was totally out of place.  Everybody there was uber-rich and chatting about their jobs and establishing contacts and stuff.  I was hoping people would be intimidated by my youth and assume I was another Zuckerberg teen-millionaire.  Unfortunately, nobody bought that.  

P.S.  Dalembert confirmed to me that he would only play the last 2 pre-season games.  Also, DeMarcus drives a black Cadillac SUV, Whiteside has a sick black Mercedes, Donte has an Infinity Coup or something.  Somebody there had a Bentley and Ferrari.  I have a Sentra.  Haha.  

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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