The Glass is Half Full: Positives of Negative Publicity

Panic feeds on fears, and fans of the Sacramento Kings, and by extension fans of Demarcus Cousins, have recently been persuaded that our fears have come to fruition and the attitude that caused Cousins to fall to #5 in the draft is in full bloom. To make the situation worse, players are under performing, and Tyreke Evans is a problem now too. Panic my friends, the rapture is nigh.


But why is a team that won 25 games last year deserved of such widespread national attention when rookie and sophomore prim donnas are a dime a dozen in the NBA? If I may, I am going to use the Miami Heat to make a point. The new Big Three aren’t performing up to expectations and, as such, every speculation is being made as to why. Their egos won’t let them succeed, Bosh is soft, and they have Joel Anthony as their starting center. I would say its item number 3 Alex, but the reason they are so scrutinized is because they have the greatest potential.

The Kings have potential as well, thus, I submit to you that if this were not the case the talking heads at ESPN would not waste their breath. It is a wonderful thing that someone besides our fan base is optimistic about the talents being assembled in Natomas (hopefully in a rail yard near you too, and soon).   

While both teams issues are based on real events, events that should be addressed in the appropriate manner, I also ask you to take a look at history.

In college, Demarcus was allegedly a hot head who couldn’t prevent himself from making inappropriate outbursts, which, using the same logic, was exemplified on the court and in his media comments. While I do not agree with the negative spin of such accusations, I do believe Cousins has little patience due to his pride. In either case, good spin or bad, such tendencies cause him to "tell it like it is", frequently and thoroughly.  Thus, we can trust what comes out of his mouth.

As such, I believe his comments that this whole revelation is all blown out of proportion to be true. $5000 dollar fine? Never denied it, but is adamant his relationship is great with the team and his teammates. If there was a real problem I would expect a tweet here, and a James Ham exclusive there.

Therefore, I suggest we rejoice that there are brighter days ahead in Sacramento. The team defense sucks and the offense is stagnant, but everyone is still friends and our new franchise center is performing well considering. Potential breeds criticism. But, we have potential! And, don’t forget Chad Ford thinks so too.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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