PT: Tweaking the Kings rotation

Aykis had a great idea in his excellent Good, Bad and Ugly post with his question about the Kings rotations. But I think the discussion might get lost in a sea of captions and discussing his other excellent observations there, so I am creating a new post for the discussion on rotations to keep things more focused.

My rotation:

C: Cousins (28), Dalembert (20), Thompson

The Kings were winning and playing better when Cousins was starting. Dalembert is a great defender, but a liability on offense unless he is dunking. Dalembert should definitely play late in games when we are trying to protect a lead, but if it's close, Cousins gives us another go-to option. JT can also play some minutes here if Cousins gets into foul trouble or is making more than his usual share of rookie mistakes.

PF: Landry (34), Thompson (8), Jackson (6)

Landry is a horse, and we need to ride him more down low. I think the Kings challenge is finding a way to post up both Landry and Cousins down low in the same lineup. Go down low on one side, kick it out if it's not there, swing it the other side and dump down low again (not a Kings strength so far). I think if the Kings can develop an inside-out game, they can be very effective. As for Thompson and Jackson, these are sub minutes anyway, so put them on a short leash and play the hot hand.

SF: Omri Casspi (32), Francisco Garcia (10), Donte Greene (6)

Omri has been one of our best players on offense, and I think you have to take his so-so defense as part of the package unless he is really getting torched. Garcia also fits well here and needs to be on the floor a lot in any case, and let's give Greene a few minutes and maybe he can reclaim his spot on the team, which realistically should be 10-20 minutes a game and sharing this position with Omri.

SG: Francisco Garcia (20), Beno Udrih (20), Luther Head (8)

I am giving Garcia a little edge over Udrih in playing time (30 minutes to 26) just because Udrih's defense is really starting to hurt the team. There are some games where Udrih should play less if he can't hang on D. Head has played OK, and maybe the shots will start to fall if he can play less (or better, none at) PG and more SG, his natural position. I like Garcia playing with Cousins and Udrih paired with Dalembert, so there is more of a cover for Udrih's poor D.

PG: Tyreke Evans (34), Beno Udrih (6), Pooh Jeter (8)

If Tyreke is the team's main man or one of them, he's got to play. But on the nights when he just doesn't have it, don't be afraid to let him learn from the bench. Udrih is really not much of an improvement as a PG, but he has that veteran know-how to get his shots when things break down. He should definitely play more when his shot is falling and he draws a weaker offensive opponent. Jeter's quickness could give us a spark like Sergio Rodriguez did at times last year, and a little excitement couldn't hurt considering the team's recent funk.

TOTALS: Tyreke 34, Landry 34, Omri 32, Garcia 30, Cousins 28, Udrih 26, Dalembert 20, Thompson 8, Jeter 8, Head 8, Greene 6, Jackson 6. Seven players play most of the minutes, and five players have established role player minutes. If your starters are performing, some of those sub minutes are going to turn into DNPs. If not, they may get more burn and a chance to press their cases for more PT.

In any case, go with a blueprint so players know their roles and adjust from there.

Your thoughts?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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