Developing an entire roster of young kids in the NBA is a bad idea

After watching the game it is clear that this roster does not work.  I think having our roster made of rookies and players that would still be in college if they stayed is not a good strategy. Sure we have a few NBA journeyman/back ups with Beno, Head and one elderstateman in Samuel. But who are the vets that are supposed to lead?


We further compounded our problem by not having that vet leadership and bringing in a guy in dire need of it in Demarcus. Tyreke is not a vocal leader at all and every team needs that. I get from a business perspective you want to have all the cap room after the new CBA is in place, but in the meantime you are wasting a year of substantial development in your youth and making an impossible situation for your coach.


We need a vetern shooter on this team ASAP. Until then teams are going to dare us to shoot and from the looks of it no one on this team is up to the challenge. Trade some of our youth and get guys that can stabalize this ship. I know it's hard letting go of some guys you feel have potential, for someone who doesn't have near the upside but you need to get it done. I am not posting without possible solutions to this problem. Here are some guys in this league that can help in both departments that we could get.


Grant Hill -- He would provide that vet leadership, he can still play, and he can shoot.

Jason Terry - He can shoot like crazy, he has the vet leadership too after playing on a winning team for years!

Mo Williams - He would be a great fit for this team and a good shooter


Now in all three cases we would have to part with a young player like an Omri and a Thompson but the fact is not all of these guys are going to develop into huge talents. Odds are very few of them will. It seems we have our chips on Tyreke and Demarcus. Use the other talent to get the support system necessary to develop those two young players. We will be better quicker if we do that.


The other move we could make if we wanted to throw caution to the wind and take a huge gamble is trade for Arenas (gasp!). Pietre loves the home run hit and loves getting major talent on the cheap (aka. Ron Artest and Chris Webber). It could be one of those moves looked at as genius in five years or completely blow up in our face. But let's face it Arenas loves taking outside jumpers and would hit a huge clip of them if left open like our players are now. It would reopen the inside for Tyreke. It would give our big men some space again. And what would it really take to get Arenas right now (who is putting up decent numbers). Not a lot. Yes he has a terrible contract, but we have the cap space, and who do we expect to get next season as a free agent? Honestly? It has been five years, go for broke!


Regardless we have to make a move to help this team grow otherwise it is a wasted season. Make this move in the face of "potential" and "salary cap" excuses. The longer we wait the worse it will get and let's face it tonights game against the Clippers was embarressing! Any momentem we had at the start of the season is gone. No one looks like they're having fun. Where is the energy? Where's the attitude? Did John Brockman take that with him?


Please Petrie get us a vet leader not name Francisco (who has not done anything in this league!) and help turn this ship around.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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