The Kings and the Arenas situation


(My first post as a member of the community but a long time reader)


No, not another post about the struggles that we are having with getting an arena deal done. (I refuse to call it the kings arena when they only use it for 41 days of the year). But about the possibility of aquiring the one formally known as agent zero.

Let us start with the elephant in the room and the gun issue. Depending on which version of the story that you read and/or believe your conclusions may vary. But as some point he made an asinine decision to bring multiple guns to work and then produce them in front of a teammate. Dumb, very. Dangerous, yep. Immature, of course. Likely to be repeated, not very. Now at this point I am going to excuse this like I have with 'Reke's driving issues (both the speeding and the wheel man for a shooting), Artest's multiple issues (dog, wife, fighting, rapping, etc.), Brad Miller (weed), and so on and so forth. Great play seems to salve all wounds.


Now let us get to personality and how he might or might not get along with our current roster. Arenas was the once dubbed the first internet or blogging NBA star. He was beloved by players and media for an outgoing personality and willingness to engage the media and the fans. In a world where nearly all of our players have hopped onto twitter and the blogosphere, this appears to be a perfect match. Our players engaged in twitter battles with each other over who won at Call of Duty or whomever won that nights shooting contest after practice would seem to provide our pro sports starved city something to pay attention to and someone to root for. Hibachi will be seeing himself hit the ripe old age of 29 this coming January, which puts him right into a sweet spot for us. Old enough to be able to command some respect from our your players but still young enough to b

e able to connect on a level of shared interest and somewhat peer level. As a person who has been of very high esteem and vilified all in the span of a few years, would be able to provide a view from the canvas very few have been privy to. Now everyone will point to red flags and how this could hurt the development of our young future stars, hopefully anyway. It is interesting that this would be brought up for someone like Gil but it didn't appear to be an issue when we brought in Artest and how he would effect our young folk.


And so here we have reached what really matters to all of us on here, the basketball question. Let us get some info out of the way on Mr. Arenas. A 6-4 215 lbs. Guard from Arizona. 9 year NBA veteran. Career averages of 22.6 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 5.6 APG, 1.7 SPG, 36% from 3, 42.5% overall, 80% from the giveaway stripe. 3 time NBA All Star, All NBA Team, 2x All-NBA Third Team. Agent Arenas has at multiple times played both the point and shooting guard positions and is currently listed as simply a guard. Or NaPG if you will. Now there was a lot a talk about how he would mesh with young Wall in Washington and so far they have played well together. Not fantastic together, but well enough to avoid being trounced by pundits over on ESPN. Much hay has been made of how well Beno plays with Mr. Evans. And for the most part, this is very true. Both are combo guards. They just combo guard differently. Offensively they mesh very well. Both are able to create for themselves and others. Beno "Brakes" Udrih penetrates effectively and then slams on the binders to deliver that short shot into the net o

r a pass while Tyreke "Glue Hands" Evans penetrates to take it to the rim or very occasionally find the open man. As far as offense goes I don't anyone can make a case that Arenas wouldn't be better at creating his own offense than the Slovenian Devil (my corrected version of the Tasmanian Slovenian). And assist numbers would say that Arenas is at least an equal when it comes to assists. So offense doesnt look like it would be the issue. So then we come to the D. Our hopeful calling guard. Now with steal numbers just shy of two per game we can at least surmise he can get his hand on the ball a few times. And with a +14.45 to his team when he is on the floor we can at least assume that he isn't playing the same matador level defense as Beno. If this trade were to occur we would end up with a back court with a combined 42.7 PPG, 9.4 RPG, 11.6 APG, 3 SPG. A solid set of stats to hope for from your starting back court.


And now the last point of contention. Contracts and acquisitions. Yes Gilbert is carrying around quite the possible albatross of a contract that can handicap a team if something 

were to go wrong. But his contract is at least shorter than that of Joe Johnson and Gil puts up better numbers for the price. Now we all dream that 'Melo or some other superstar can't wait to call Sac home and sign a contract to save us from our doldrums and use up that cap space we have, but we all know that isn't ever going to happen. Unless we are willing to severely overpay a middling star like Rudy Gay. So I don't see what good this cap space would be doing us. Gilbert is a personality and a bankable star that has the personality to captivate this town and become a much loved superstar, a la Chris Webber. Now the question becomes can we get him. And I think it wouldn’t take much to actually make that happen. Garcia, Jeter and a 2nd rounder? Garcia, Jackson and a floor mop? Thompson? Not much creativity necessary here.


My conclusion is that Agent Zero would be the NaPG to match with our other NaPG. A better scoring less defensively deficient Beno. A man looking for resurrection and a second chance. Let him be reborn here.


And if we start winning a lot, maybe Arenas can help us with the arena. (Felt like bookending my first Fanpost with the same joke)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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