STR Limerick Open Thread

Hey all! You know what always helps get me through tough times?

Substance abuse.

But also, limericks! Explanation of fanpost after the jump.


When times are tough and wins are rough to come by, come on down to VenomySnicket's Limerick Open Thread!! We'll share a few laughs, we'll share a few tears. And we'll share a few diseases. 

The rules are as follows:

When authoring a limerick, just follow the limerick format!






(The above is just a guideline).

Here is an example:

"Hey hey, ho, still here we row.
You know we go with that Pacific flow,
drinking until we get sick,
coming up with limericks,
but we never can remember how they end."

In the past, I found that using the limerick as a way to express myself was very effective and soothing. Consider these examples from right before that dreaded Eric Musselman season. (The season after we had lost to the Spurs in the playoffs, so 06-07).

Geoff, please trade Brad Miller
in the playoffs, he was the only Kings killer
his jump shot is sweet
but he can't move his feet
and throw in Hart as cap filler!

When it comes to naming the best
one has to throw in Artest
our defense wasn't lonely
when Artest owned Ginobli
and the trade - not hard to digest

Jason Hart isn't too good
not quite sure what he has under the hood
but while he isn't elite
his feet are quite fleet
maybe he is just misunderstood

Kevin Martin gives us hope for tommorow
while Potato leaves us with sorrow
Garcia was sweet
his defense concrete
the rest of the bench the Hawks can borrow

Bibby is mister ice
when it comes to the end, he's not nice
when the clock's winding down
and Bibby's in town
when that shot flies, don't look twice

The Kings energy was never too good
Without Artest in our hood
He asked for some hustle
Now we've "brung" in some Mussel
If good things won't happen, they should...

There once was a guy named Artest
Who never gave less than his best
Till one ugly scene
Got him kicked off his team
...and made him a champion out West.


Alright, friends and neighbors. Do your worst.


Note: I don't actually abuse any substances.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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