On the Bobby Jackson Q&A

I went to STR night last night, and when I was leaving the arena, I vowed to take a break from the Kings. <Deep Breath> Aaaaah the joy of being a Kings fan. By the end of my drive, I had calmed down and realized this is just part of being a fan of one of the dregs of the NBA.

Sorry to those who may be posting about this in the future... After what happened last night, I couldn't wait.

Bobby said the young (read: all of the) Kings don't know how to be professional NBA players yet. They don't know that they have to study their opponents, watch film, practice their shots, or in other words... work their asses off. The way I heard it, he was saying that the Kings don't do the things they need to be competitive in this league. They are young and have won easily in high school and college, and think that they can show up to the arena on gameday and somehow beat a team that has fully prepared to beat them. OK I may be exaggerating a little bit. That said, Bobby did admit that this is part of the process of getting better in the NBA.

We do see some examples of certain players working on their shot, but obviously it's not enough, which brings me to Bobby's next point...

The Kings greatest need is veteran leadership. Look at all of the good teams in the NBA. They all have veterans, and plenty of them. There is a decent mix of young guys and early-career guys, but the vets are the core of the teams. It seems like we need that type of influence on our players. We need leaders who lead by example.

I think that it must be extremely hard for the coaching staff to really motivate these guys to do what vets do (watch film, practice really hard, study the opponents, etc), especially when they're up against personalities like Demarcus. I don't think Demarcus truly respects the coaches the way he'd respect a great veteran player. Bobby said that there are "a couple" guys who have an attitude on the team, so there are some tough personalities. I do think that if any of the guys on our team who are failing to work hard were on a veteran team like Dallas or the Spurs, they would have a better understanding of life as a successful NBA player, and everything that comes with it.

I look at at our vets... Dalembert? He's a good player, but has never been on a really good team. He loves fun and games. This isn't helping. Garcia? Lifetime King - hasn't been exposed to the outside world... Head? Beno? Well they do their thing, but I don't think they command enough respect, although Beno sure played well last night.

I went to ARCO thinking we were going to win last night (and we should have), but after hearing Bobby talk about how unprofessional our players are, my expectations lowered significantly. We couldn't close out against the Warriors minus Curry and Biedrins. This puts us firmly at the bottom of the league. We need help. I can hardly wait until the new CBA so the Maloofs can spend some money, and I hope we can trade Landry or Dally for a veteran who can help our situation. I think Landry is a respectable professional, but we need a veteran more than we need him. I don't think we need some over-the-hill guy, but we need someone to help our guys learn.

On a lighter note, Bobby did say that these guys really love the game and they love eachother, so I think when we add a few players into the mix, we could be really good, really fast. I just hope we can hold onto DMC and Reke long enough to develop them into great players and get a couple of guys on the roster to help them compete. I can see one of them going to a veteran team and becoming an all star real quick. My fingers are crossed.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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