Larry Brown Fired by Bobcats, Has Expressed Interest in Kings Before

Larry Brown was fired by the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday. Yes, I know that he officially resigned. But check out  Bobcats owner Michael Jordan's quotes in the team's statement:

"I met with Coach Brown two weeks ago about the team's performance and what we could do to improve it. We met again this morning after practice. The team has clearly not lived up to either of our expectations and we both agreed that a change was necessary," Jordan said.

"This was a difficult decision for both of us, but one that needed to be made."

Combine that with the fact that Brown's entire staff is gone, and a clearer picture is presented: Brown got canned. Maybe he wanted out, too -- those are not mutually exclusive realities.

From FanHouse's Sam Amick:

Source close to Brown says he's not done coaching. He's on the lookout.

From 2007:

Former NBA head coach Larry Brown, who has been out of coaching since his dramatic - and disappointing - one-year tenure with the New York Knicks, has expressed interest in the Kings vacancy.

"I want to get back," Brown said when contacted at his home in Philadelphia. "I miss it terribly. I haven't lost the passion to teach and coach. I don't want to end my career at 23-59. I feel I can do better. I look at Sacramento ... I respect the heck out of Geoff (Petrie). I coached half that team. I don't mind going somewhere that's rebuilding, but wherever I go, I want everybody to feel that I'm the right person."

Brown later reportedly felt jilted that Petrie didn't take his candidacy seriously; obviously, Brown is a coach who likes to dabble in personnel matters, and Petrie ain't having that. Those truths stand: Petrie isn't going to sign off on replacing Paul Westphal with Larry Brown, the Maloofs probably aren't going to agree to spend the cash to pull it off midseason, and Brown probably wouldn't mind resting until June.

But should the Maloofs be disappointed enough with this season to shake Petrie loose and can Westphal, Brown could pop back up as a candidate. He did a helluva job in Charlotte last year, turning that team into the No. 1 defense in basketball. I am not afraid to admit I was way wrong on Brown three years ago -- he would have been much better than Reggie Theus, given how "well" each performed. I'm not sure he or Tyreke Evans would survive a future partnership, but the specter will remain out there until he finds another gig. A certain columnist will ensure that.

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