Contraction, Star Wars & A dash of comedy

 The Sacramento Kings & Golden State Warriors 2010-2011 Season

It is a dark time for Basketball in Northern California. Although the Kings and Warriors have drafted several impressive lottery picks over the last couple of years mediocrity and inexperience still plague their meager playoff hopes. Heartbreaking losses and unrealistic expectations have both Northern California Fanbases desperately hoping to avoid another trip to the NBA Draft Lottery.

With both teams desperately considering a myriad of bad options such as firing coaches and general managers and franchise sideways moving trades. It appears all hope is lost.

Hope however comes from the like most unlikely of places as The Dark Lord of "The Decision" proclaims the NBA would be better off contracting several teams. Leading to a new hope for Northern California in The National Basketball Association...........


My cousin and I were recently joking about how terrible the Kings are and all of this contraction talk and the upcoming NBA Lockout gave me a very comedic contraction idea. Instead of contracting teams the NBA should just merge teams in several markets. Face facts Stern we have market saturation for the NBA in several areas. The NBA like the NHL is not the NFL or MLB and cannot support two teams in one large media market. It's time to know when to fold em and know when to hold em.

Here is the solution. We merge teams in several markets. The Kings and The Warriors could be merged and be The Northern California Warrior Kings(where they would play is irrelevant) on the bright side The Warrior Kings would be a pretty solid team. We would have Tyreke, DMC, Stephen Curry, David Lee and Louis Amundson!!!(sorry I'm a UNLV grad so I gotta support my classmate)

We could also merge the Knicks and The Nets and make them the KnickNets.

P.S. Laker Fan you don't get to merge with the Clippers because you A Holes getting Blake Griffin for nothing would make me throw up. I feel the best solution here is to merge the Suns with the Clips so we can see Nash lobbing awesome ally oops to Griffin.

Post your contraction merger ideas below

*This was all done in fun and comedy, I'm not too serious here just causing a little holiday mischief. So please refrain from logical angry replys

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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