Sorry Westphal but you have failed on all three things you were hired for......

Westphal will not make it through this season. It just won't happen. Here are the very bleak numbers.

Westphal started last season with a 14-16 record before the team played the Cavs and the Lakers back to back in December (and the return of one Kevin Martin). This definately got Westphal a lot of good will.


Since that point Westphal finished last season with a record of 11-41. And then he has followed it up with a 4-13 record this season (while playing a pretty easy schedule might I add). So based on record it is not good.


So let's look past the dismal winning percentage. Everyone said he was brought on to develop the young talent (and this team has plenty of it!). But let's look at the development.....

Is Tyreke Evans better than last year? No.

Is Omri Caspi better than last year? No.

Is Donte Greene better than last year? No.

Is Jason Thompson better than last year? No.

Is Brockman or Hawes still on the team? No.

Is it all on Westphal? No. But that was what he was brought in to do. And it is not working. In fact I would say with confidence that all the players named above are actually worse.


So let's look at the last thing that was said all last season, his rotations change a lot because he is still learning the players. Or maybe because of injuries or trades. Now he has had not only last year but all off season, pre-season, and now going into this season; how can he still be learning about the players? All the guys that are going from DNP's to starting are not new players to this team, so why does his line up change every week? No other team in the league does this.


He flamed out in other places because he didn't put it together and it's not happening here. Looking at this team, things are getting worse not better. This team is falling apart. Now people can argue that it is the players, but it was the same players on this team that drove that 14 win start last season. It was Thompson getting double doubles. It was Omri's strong play that got him into the rookie game. It was Beno doing a 180 and being a great compliment to Tyreke. And it was Tyreke that led the charge. The team played hard and together. I haven't seen any of that this season. The team plays selfish, looks confused, and now just looks beaten down.


So what now? Who do we hire? Who will coach up these players and add energy to this team? Mario Ellie will be a popluar name since he's here already. I think he's more ready than Theus was. But Ellie is a question mark in terms of a NBA head coach. I think we do something crazy. I think we do something unexpected.


Already getting paid by the warriors who else would make the scheme fun? Who else would sign a one year deal?

It makes sense for this one season that is currently going about as bad as it can go so far. Instantly the tempo would increase. Instantly the game would become fun for the players as well as the fans. I think he would play Demarcus and that up tempo style will benifit his talents. Tyreke would be running the floor at full speed. Imagine a hustle guy like Omri in that system? Donte would excel too! Everyone with maybe the exception of Dalmebert would look better. Arco would be a fun place to be again.

Granted it is a one year solution but it would be better than what we have now. If we loose games, we may as well be fun to watch at least. Anyone have a better suggestion?


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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