Give Reke a break, hes hurt....

He needs to be benched till his left ankle and plantar faciitis (left foot) are healed. If you have watched the games this season i hope you have noticed the 2 different "versions" of Tyreke. The 1st half driving and dishing one, and the 2nd half can hardly move so i jack up jumper after jumper and turn the ball over. Now i was too lazy to go get all the stats for the halfs this season and couldnt find any online, so i went back his last 5 games. Still its a crazy tale of 2 different halves, an all -star player turning into a horrible one.



1st half stats last 5 games:

17 minutes- 11.2ppg- .488 fg%-.444 3pt%-.866 ft%- 4 ast- 1.5 TO- 3.8 reb.


Now the 2nd half stats for the last 5:

19 minutes- 6.6ppg- .238 fg%- .363 3pt%- .750 ft%- 2.2 ast- 1.9 TO- 1 reb.


Tell me if he was a player who took a step back then wouldnt he be crappy more consistently?




Does this not look like a player with injuries, ones that stiffen and get worse feeling as the game goes on and after he sits at the half?


There is no denying he has injuries to his left ankle and foot, and as a right handed player he takes off from hs left leg. If anyone here has ever had EITHER of these injuries then they would know that after you play on it then go sit for the half and come back out its all stiff and much worse to deal with, the adrenaline stops and the pain really begins to settle in. He has BOTH, for a guy who drives to create all his offense and get his teammates involved these injureis REALLY are hampering his abilities. How many times have we seen his great euro step? Answer, not much as it puts tons of pressure on his left ankle and foot, all his shiftyness of last year is gone. I'm honestly tired of people saying he has been horrible even seeing some "Trade him"s. This guy is out there with very painful injuries guarding the opposing teams best guard and trying to carry a very unorderly and pathetic offense. Give the kid a break, and please PW, give him some rest 2-3 weeks off would do wonders. Not like were making the playoffs this season anyhow.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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