Good Friends, Bad Luck, & A Plan For The Future


betweentheeyes (left) and vfettke (right) say their goodbyes at StR II - The Peachquel

It's been a couple of days since The Peachquel, and I still find myself grinding a little bit over hail mary 3's, bank shot runners that weren't meant to be bank shot runners, our best player getting hurt, and a villain talking smack on his way into town and being instrumental in his team leaving town with a win.

But there was one positve to the evening, one that cannot be overstated -

I had the opportunity to watch the game with a bunch of knowledgable, ardent, funny, passionate and crazy Kings fans.

The first StR night at ARCO was a good night. It gave a lot of us a chance to put faces to the names. What I had not fully realized was that it also gave many of us the opportunity to forge friendships. Certainly, the "warm-up" period at StR II was almost instantaneous - it was kind of like a five-year class reunion. I hope that I am not speaking solely for myself here when I say that I was looking forward to seeing everyone again, and I was not disappointed. Watching the Kings at ARCO, insulated by fellow StR members - that's tough to beat. The photo from StR II will be showing up in the next week or two, and I think that it will exude the camaraderie and kinship that has been forged at these events.

I have spoken with Desirée (my/our ticket agent), and I asked her to hold my deposit over for StR event use next year. My thought is a holiday season game (so that the out-of-town StR members can attend) and one other game. In a perfect world, we would line up L*kers and Warriors games, with the mantra being "Take ARCO Back!" Imagine 100+ of us drowning out MVP chants - me likey.

Another thing that we will try to do next year is book and commit as early as possible. This may get us better perks. I would love to engineer a meet and greet with someone from the Kings.

I would also like to write the most collaborative "View From Section 214" ever, where everyone at the game would email me a thought or two about the game, and I would incorporate it into a game recap.

And of course, another T-shirt contest.

Thoughts and ideas welcome. I may even try to do this committee-style, so if you have an interest in helping to plan these events next year, let me know and I'll make a note of it.

Thanks to everyone that was able to attend. It was a pleasure and an honor spending time with you, my friends.

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