Maybe some of you have followed this particular ongoing little chat, but for everybody else, as the season winds down and things start getting a little dull, I thought it might be fun to offer an annotated history of quotes regarding one, six-month long dialogue, selected from various threads here at Sactown Royalty.

For your amusement and illucidation, I give you pookeyguru & Mucho Moss in "Blatche, Blatche, Blatche"

Our story begins during the final exhibition games of the 2009/10 season, as Mucho Moss and pookeyguru continue their long time debate in Sactown about the various pros and cons of Kings center Spencer Hawes.


* October 19th 2009:

pookeyguru: "... whom you would acquire at this point who would replace Hawes and satisfy you?"

Mucho Moss: "... Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Mareese Speights, Roy Hibbert, Kendrick Perkins, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee, Marc Gasol... Paul Millsap."

The two jousters retire to their respective corners until five days later:


* October 24th 2009

In the Kings tune-up game vs the Jazz, Hawes goes 0-6 from the field, 1-6 from the free throw line. During the post-game thread the following exchange ensues: 

Mucho Moss: "About Hawes... I'd just like to say..."

pookey: "Let me know who you want to replace (Hawes) And I’ll be glad to hear it."

Mucho: "Did you think I was kidding when I listed (for example) Andray Blatche? Joakim Noah? Javale McGee?"

pookey: "... And what's so special about Andray Blatche? What do you see that I don’t?:

(Mucho lists some of Blatche attributes that he feels are lacking in Spencer Hawes).

pookeyguru: "... I have no particular dislike of athleticism, but I feel you’re overrating it."


* October 27, 2009

Mucho: "Hey, pook, did you see Andray Blatche’s opening night stat line?: 8 of 14 from the field, 20 pts.; 7 Reb, coupla blocks, a steal. Not too shabby, huh?"

pookey: "When Blatche does that for a month, we can talk. Otherwise, stop cherry picking. It doesn’t actually hold up in the long run."

* January 27, 2010 (as NBA Trade Deadline is looming)

Mucho: "... I’d say I think of Blatche as an example of a potential plum that could be picked from another team’s tree because they’re getting tired of waiting for him to ripen. Now, maybe we don’t want a risk like that here in Sacramento, but the point is that he might be undervalued more by circumstance than due to his ability."

pookey: "If the price was Hilton Armstrong for Andray Blatche Then yes. But that’s not likely to be the price."

* February 17, 2010: Wizards deal Antawn Jamison. Andray Blatche becomes full time starter. In post-trade start #1 he goes off for 33 points on 14 of 22 shooting while hauling in 13 rebounds.

Inspired no doubt by pookeyguru's previous dismissive comment from earlier that autumn (i.e. "When he does that for a month, we can talk"), Blatche rips off at least 23 pts 11 times in his following 28 days.

* The following month sees similar production. After he accrues 11 double-doubles and 5 games of 30 or more points, DC newspapers start touting Blatche as the NBA's Most Improved Player.

* April 2, 2010 pookey: "...Andray Blatche is not as valuable as you think he is around the league until he does put up those numbers consistently. And consistently does not mean over a 40 game stretch. Consistently means over a two year span."

* April 9, 2010: Andray Blatche racks up 31 pts and 11 rebounds, leading the Wizards to an upset win over the Celtics, which incidentally improves the Kings lottery hopes.

Mucho: "Blatche to the Kings rescue!"

pookey "Very few are going to share your enthusiasm for Blatche"

Mucho: "... you don't think I'm a Blatche fan or something like that do you, pookey? All I said (and this was some months ago) was he’s a more talented big man than Spencer Hawes"

* April 11, 2010 pookeyguru: "This whole argument is very moot when it comes to Blatche. The Wiz are not likely to give him up for anything the Kings would want to give up."

* Mucho Moss, (right now): "OK, sure... now that Blatche is three months into a serious Chris Bosh impersonation, I guess you're right about that. The Wiz probably wouldn't be interested."

"But back when he was riding pine on the Wizards bench, and you didn't see anything special about him, and wanted to offer Hilton Armstrong, then I think the story might have been a little different."

Next episode (coming this summer): "Spencer Hawes or Ersan Ilyasova...Who Has More Upside?"

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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