Last year's draft - now.

So we have still some time to go until the draft, and we are all speculating like we're Geoff Petrie himself. But ultimately, with all the knowledge, scouting and insights of the professionals, even they make wrong choices. To demonstarte that, I'm going to redo the first round of the 2009 draft, but with the knowledge of how the rookies fared during their first season. I'm not just rating the rookies, but will "draft" them according to each team's need.

The list is after the jump.


1. LA Clips - Blake Griffin. A tough decision because of his injury, but he may still be the best player of his year when all is said and done. With Davis and Gordon manning the guard spots, I think they would not have drafted Eric Maynor first, eh, I mean Tyreke.

2. Memphis - Tyreke Evans. A player for the Memphis Tigers who would complement Mayo perfectly. Easy pick.

3. OKC - Stephen Curry. With the slashing style and strong defence of Westbrook next to him, Curry would flourish and take some of the scoring responsibilities off Durant's shoulders. Imagine how good these guys would be.

4. Sacramento - Ricky Rubio. I think Rubio can be better than Jennings, and I think for starters, he would have been a good fit with Beno. Still, tough call.

5. Minnesota - Brandon Jennings. Flynn may still become a good player, and Jennings may have struggled with the triangle, but the guy can just play. I don't like him as a person, but with what he did in the play-offs, I respect him as a baller.

6. Minnesota -James Harden. No second point guard, since there is no need for a Rubio back-up plan. Harden fills their need at SG well enough, and I believe he will be the better, more complete player in comparison with Thornton.

7. Golden State -  Darren Collison. A scoring point guard, and small. Nellie is happy.

8. New York - Jonny Flynn. The Syracuse product would benefit from D'Antoni's style.

9. Toronto - Taj Gibson. His rugged play would help the soft Raptors, and will soften the blow when Bosh leaves.

10. Milwaukee - Marcus Thornton. A good fill-in for the oft-injured Redd. But Skiles would also love to get the hard-working, disciplined Wes Matthews.

11. New Jersey - DeJuan Blair. He would clean up the glass and do the dirty work, to allow Lopez to shine. I think Casspi would have appealed to the Nets as well.

12. Charlotte - Hasheem Thabeet. He still can become a very good defensive player. And MJ likes unpolished Centers. Ask Kwame Brown. And Thabeet would play more than Gerald Henderson. Hell, Cartier Martin played more than Henderson.

13. Indiana - Jonas Jerebko. A better pick then Hansborough, and healthy.

14. Phoenix - Omri Casspi. His transition game would fit nicely with Nash at the point, and he could be tutored by Grant Hill.

15. Detroit - Wes Matthews. A disciplined, poised and hard-working player, this pick could wash away a bit of the bitter taste from Dumars'  FA-signings.

16. Chicago - Ty Lawson.  A good, speedy PG to spell Derrick Rose.

17. Philadelphia - Jrue Holiday. Groundhog day.

18. Minnesota -  Terrence Williams. A rebounding, strong forward, who can pass and score in bunches.

19. Atlanta - Jeff Teague. Mike Bibby needs a replacement. Teague can be a solid guard at the NBA level.

20. Utah - Sam Young. Works hard, is mature and disciplined. Sloan would like him.

21. New Orleans - Chase Budinger. With Peja aging, they need some fresh blood at the SF position.

22. Portland - Rodrigue Beaubois. With Rudy Fernandez showing his limitations as a long range gunner and not much beyond that, the Blazers again go overseas for this sparkplug.

23. Sacramento - Eric Maynor. We all know Maynor  > Tyreke. Man, we got lucky!

24. Dallas - DeMar DeRozan. He's athletic, and he can score. I think he'll be an okay player in a few years time.

25. OKC - Jordan Hill. And the Thunder stack up with another athletic forward.

26. Memphis - James Johnson. A pretty strong rebounder who can score. Another good fit for the Kings if we'd made the mistake of passing on Maynor.

27. Chicago - Austin Daye. A lanky shooter. He will find a place in this league.

28. Minnesota - Toney Douglas. Minnesota likes to stack up the guard position.

29. LA Lakers - Tyler Hansborough. Also championship favorites need blue collar men off the bench. Hansborough will be a solid role player in the league.

30. Cleveland -Jon Brockman. I just couldn't leave him out of the first round.  


Looking back, Charlotte had the worst draft with Gerald Henderson. Toronto did not so well with DeRozan, but he may still develop into a nice player. Same goes for Memphis and Thabeet. Minnesota's situation all depends how things work out with Rubio.

The best draft goes to New Orleans, with two studs at relatively low positions: Collison #21 and Thornton #43. 

The other steals: Blair #37, Matthews (undrafted), Budinger #44, Jerebko #39 and Casspi #23.  

 Ah, hindsight is indeed perfect.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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