Kings shooting Part 2

If you read Part 1, you know by now that the Kings are in the top 7 among all teams in FGM at the rim & inside 10 FT.   The 10-15 ft range is where the fewest baskets are made, only 3.0 per game on average for the entire league.   The KIngs would only have to increase their made baskets from this range by 0.7 to be in the top 10.   From 16-23 ft the Kings would need to increase their made baskets by 0.4 to move from 12th place into the top 10.   And, in the area that could use the most improvement (from 3-pt range), the Kings need to improve their made baskets by 2.0 per game to move into a tie for 7th place.   That would give the Kings a top 7 offense inside and from 3-pt range.

Knowing where the team is below the league average is only half the information.   You need to know if they're making those baskets at a high percentage.   Chart 2, Team and Individual shooting percentages.

Kings Shooting Percentages">

There are 2 color keys, the top one is for the Kings as a team:

Green means the Kings shot a higher percentage at that range than the league average.  Yellow means the KIngs shot less than 1% below the league average   Red means the Kings shot more than 1% below the league average

The Individual color key compares our players to the average of all players at the same position: Green better than the average for players at the same position.   Yellow is no more than 3% below players at the same position.    Red more than 3% below players at the same position

Because the individual number of shots in some cases were extremely low, I didn't display any percentages if a player had less than 0.3 FGM per game, so that box is blacked out.

So, comparing the Kings to the NBA average we see that the Kings only did better than average from the 10-15 ft range which puts them in 11th place.   At the rim, and on the long jumper and 3-pt shots they are within 1% of the league average which places them in 15th, 23rd and 17th place respectively.   And inside 10 ft they are in 27th place, shooting 3.5% below the league average.

Before we get into the individual numbers, let me point out that the number of FGA's by individuals at the different ranges is quite small.   So, while Spencer is 5.6% below the average for all centers in the league, that breaks down to only 0.2 more FGM per game.   And, that comes out to 15 more made baskets for the season or 1 more every 5 games.   The importance of the chart is where the players can improve, and that the areas in need of improvement are below the league average.

A couple last things about the chart, I used the TS% for the 3-pt shooting so the numbers would be comparable to the 2-pt shooting percentages.  So, while Hawes shows 44.9% from 3-pt range, he actually only made 29.9% of his 3-pt shots.  The other think to know is that while I compared JT to Centers and Ime to SG's if I had compared JT to PF's and Ime to SF's the color rating would have been the same.

I'm not going into any analysis of the chart, I think the information is pretty self explanatory.  In the next installment, I'll match the shooting percentages to the actual FGM, so we can see which players are scoring well on high percentage shots and which ones are taking too many low percentage shot to get their points. 


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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