2010 STR Draft Board by grannysmith

It's traditionally complicated to follow the NBA on TV in Germany (right now it isn't broadcasted freely at all, although we used to have a weekly summary on a dubious channel sandwiched between call-in quizshows and so called "Sexy Clips"!). Fortunately, the possibility of watching games and soaking information via the internet is slowly making up for this trauma.

That being said, you decide for yourself how much stock you want to put in my little Kings wishlist.


1    John Wall

Probably not an ideal fit next to Tyreke, but i am confident they could figure out how to be an effective backcourt duo. Too talented and too valuable as a trade chip to pass up.

2    Derrick Favors

I see him at least as a Antonio McDyess, Kenyon Martin type of player, possibly even a little bit Kevin Garnett. I guess we have use for something like that.

3    Evan Turner

In my opinion not a good fit in the backcourt either. Also too valuable to pass up, but i would like to see him traded.

4    Al-Farouq Aminu

I like that he seems to be a tough defender and rebounder with lots of upside maybe even in the Favors category. Although i don't know where exactly he fits on the team (i would not like to see him taking too many minutes from Casspi and Greene), i feel like he can be a integral part of a future contending Kings team.

5    Wesley Johnson

He is probably very easy to root for. I'm pretty impressed by his demeanor during the latest interviews. Wish he would be able to play the 2 in the NBA, because he possibly complements Tyreke rather well. His age shouldn't be a problem. Others may have more upside, but they also have a longer way to go to reach their potential, so actually it amounts to the same thing.

6    DeMarcus Cousins

Now it's getting difficult. We read so much about red flags, still i wonder what exactly they are. Body language? Tyreke should stay on the bench then as well. This elbow action after he got hit at the head? Well, as a reflex i even punch the door frame in anger when i hit my head. No big deal. Not listening to coaches? Yeah, that concerns me. Still, look at the dramatic development of Donte when it comes to maturity and work ethic. I'm not really excited, but I guess i can live with Cousins, being obviously one of the very few talented true center prospects. Still i would prefer JT to turn into a real solid center next to Landry and Aminu, so we would not have to deal with Cousins at all.

7    Kevin Seraphin

If we don't come up with Favors or Cousins, he could be exactly what we need down low. Little bit like a center version of Aminu. Still quite raw, defensive minded with lots of upside. I would prefer him over Cousins and pick Aminu or Johnson with the fifth pick instead. Would be great if he is still available at #33.

8    Xavier Henry

I would not mind if he grows into our very own crafty version of Ray Allen.

9    Paul George

Possibly extremely good in a few years. Can't see him properly develop on the Kings though with Donte and Omri around, but what do i know...

10   Avery Bradley

Like to have him coming off the bench, because he seems to be a good fit to Tyreke while also possibly being able to defend the quicker guards (think of what Tyronn Lue did to Allen Iverson). Definetely useful in a contender's toolbox.

I'd rather not have any of the following players on the team, because i suspect neither will improve us a great deal in the long run:

11    Greg Monroe
12    Cole Aldrich
13    Ekpe Udoh
14    Hassan Whiteside
15    Ed Davis

Honorable mention:

Art Parakhouski

I don't really get why he is constantly projected as an early/mid second round pick in most mock drafts considering his body and productivity. He seems to be relatively new to the game, so there might be room for improvement. Let's pick him up at #33.

@ Ziller: English is not my native language, so i hope i roughly met your grammatical requirements. The effort was there, not sure about the skill though :-)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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