2010 STR Draft Board - betweentheeyes' off the top of my head edition

A bit of a repeat from my addition to Aykis16's draft board with some added comments to get this thing to one beyond the lottery

  1. - Wall – as some would say, the kid is 1337, Derrick Rose with a jumper.
  2. - Turner – skills. control. complete package. love his game.
  3. - Cousins – based on talent alone – arguably the best talent, can climb over the Wall. Great hands, quick feet. The big fat thing is worrisome but the kid moved up and down the court at Kentucky – started breaks and was the finishing trailer enough that it is not a concern. Head?? This guy could be Moses Malone. Same body type. Same soft hands. Same weird head. He is 19 and either he will get it or he won’t. He is a risk but the kid has got the goods.
  4. - Wes Johnson – He is a bit like OJ Mayo – can shoot, score, defend and handle well enough. Quick and agile enough to play the NBA 2. He can shoot the NBA three. Has a good head on his shoulders. His age is another advantage – he is 23 – the Kings don’t need more youth – and the fact that he transfer colleges makes him a two system guy. Two systems guys have a more advanced BB IQ.
  5. - Derrick Favors – I am not as fond of Favors as everyone else. He is a great athlete who is projected to be a great pick. He is not skillful. He has not shown anything. How much of an excuse is the point guard thing going to go? The Yellowjackets couldn’t win games with this supposed beast of a player and a probably first rounder paired with him. Is he Dwight Howard Jr.? Nope. Dwight Howard can jump out of a gym like he was shot from a cannon. He (Superman) lives to lift weights and work out. I see Buck Williams more than anything at the high end for Derrick Favors.
    That is the first tier for me. The good news is that there are 5 guys here and the Kings have the #5 pick, They will get one of them.
    Next: (the group that you wouldn’t want to spend a #5 pick on but would trade down for)
  6. Greg Monroe. Big with good hands, wonderful BB IQ, passing and offensive skill set. I am big on him but the more I think about it the more I am describing Spencer Hawes. The Kings have one of those. Spencer could be better. The biggest failing is that he isn’t getting better. This next season will tell the career of Spencer Hawes. Does this unfairly diminish Greg Monroe? Unfortunately it does for me.
  7. Ekpe Udoh. Athletic with a nice all around game. I like his style. He is a bit older and his most lacking quality (besides pro experience) is heft. He is at the age where he will start to add weight and strength. He will advance quickly with size added to his game.
  8. Patrick Patterson. PatPat is a solid choice. I see a bit of Horace Grant, maybe Paul Milsap. He defends he rebounds he scores enough, he fits in. Nothing not to like, but he is not built to wow.
  9. James Anderson. scorer, shooter. I believe he can learn to handle enough to be a reliable combo guard. OK State players are taught to defend. The questions about his defense are perhaps overstated.
  10. Hassan Whiteside: Project. I see just as much flip as flop. Three years from now is a long time.
  11. The others: straight from Lost, these guys left the island but we aren't sure if they are dead or just being dreamed about. None of them are polar bears or explain why you can't have babies on the island. None will make me feel like I picked 4 8 15 16 23 42 and won. They are: Eric Bledsoe - will develop and get better. Has to be a good teammate after this last wild wildcat season. Can defend better than given credit for.
  12. AF Aminu. I looked sleepy when I typed this to get my keyboard into the mood.
  13. Cole Aldrich. At least he tries.
  14. Luke Babbit (more Chuck Person than Chris Mullin)
  15. Larry Sanders (why not?), just not Ed Davis. He wishes he were Branden Wright and he isn't even that.

When it comes right down to it - I know just as much nothing as anybody else, maybe more.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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