2010 STR Draft Board - Doors Open style

1. John Wall - Wall has the most potential in the draft. Not only is he explosive but he has the ability to guard the one or the two with his very impressive wingspan(6'9.25") and would make a great fit next to Tyreke, as they could share ball handling duties. Wall and Evans could eventually produce the best two-way backcourt in the league.

2. Derrick Favors - Although Favors lacked the consistency displayed by other top prospects this year he made the biggest impact for his team late in the year and during the tourney.  At just over 6'10" with his superior athleticism, Favors projects as the type of player that can play the PF or C. His defensive capabilities would fill a huge void in Sacramento's front line immediately, as they wait for is offensive game to develop.

3. Evan Turner - The all around best player in college basketball.  A triple threat on any given night and would most likely have been the number one pick, if he was only a year or two younger.  Turner has an NBA body and looks poised to have an immediate impact.  Questions about his ability to play next to Tyreke leave him at #3 on my big board.

4. DeMarcus Cousins - At nearly 6'11", Cousins it the type of center that could start right away for the Kings. Although the development of the former lottery pick Spencer Hawes would be devastating, it might be the type of pressure Hawes needs to put the time and effort necessary to become a consistent threat. Cousins has battled weight and temperament issues and may be the biggest risk in the top 5.

5. Wesley Johnson - Johnson's thin, athletic frame reminds some of us of a former King, Kevin Martin which leaves us wondering... At 6'6" and only 200 lbs, and already 22 years old does Johnson have the type of frame that can play a 82+ game season without injuries. His smooth stroke from deep, super-freak leaping ability, and relaxed demeanor might be a great fit next to Tyreke if he can play the two. IF???

6. Al-Farouq Aminu - Aminu is one of the youngest players in the draft and has two years of college experience. One may believe with his extra year of college experience he would be closer to making an impact.  Which may be true but not in the traditional sense. Aminu is ready to make an impact defensively and on the boards but his offensive game is very raw.  Aminu has incredible attributes, standing nearly 6'9" with a 7'3" wingspan and elite athleticism and has many of us drooling over the possibility he is the second coming of Josh Smith.

7. Patrick Patterson - One thing the Kings love is versatility. Patterson has the capabilities to play multiple positions, has good range and is very athletic. compared Patterson to Carl Landry. After answering questions about his height, standing just over 6'9", I feel Patterson is a bigger version of Landry but also brings rebounding and shot blocking to the table. Although Patterson may never be an elite level player, I feel he has a very low bust potential.

8. Paul George - An excellent 3 point shooter who has been described as having a very high intellect for the game. George sounds like a player the Kings would be interested in.  Although George hasn't played against your top level competition coming out Fresno State he has great physical attributes for a two guard. Standing nearly 6'9" tall, Sacramento would have one of the tallest backcourts in the league and George would help create angles for Tyreke to drive to the hoop with his outside shooting ability.

9. Ed Davis - Davis may be consider the biggest project in the lottery (outside of Whiteside).  Coming out of UNC he played a limited role on their championship team and then was limited to only 24 games as a sophomore after breaking his hand.  The physical tools are there standing nearly 6'10" with above average athleticism.  Davis is a very good rebounder on both sides of the basketball which would greatly benefit the Kings and has been credited for playing with a very high motor. We will have to be patient with Davis, as he is a upside pick, but he may be worth it.

10. Avery Bradley - Bradley is a player that would fit perfect alongside Tyreke. He would be undersized for a two but is an elite defender and possibly the best defender in the draft.  With Tyreke's size, Bradley would consistently be able to "D-up" the opposing teams smaller guards. As a top recruit coming out of high school, he was a fairly big let down at Texas as that whole team fell apart.  Bradley offensive game leaves something to be desired but his ability to hit the spot up jumpers with range and his knack at hitting floaters over "bigs" in the lane, combined with his defensive prowess, Bradley would be a huge upgrade at the two with Beno instantly creating depth on the Kings bench.

11. Greg Monroe - Has great size(6'11") for a PF and is best known for his ability to pass.  Would be able to play two positions for the Kings.  Reminds me of a left-handed Spencer Hawes, with above average physical attributes and maturity but below average athleticism and a questionable motor.

12. Cole Aldrich - Thanks to Aldrich being able to play in high heels, he has decent height for Center(6'11"). He will never become a star but his ability to defend and rebound would be an instant upgrade for the Kings. If the Kings draft Aldrich, would they be selling their souls to a half court offense?

13. Ekpe Udoh - A very good shot blocker but is that all you want from a lottery pick. Has been compared to Hilton Armstrong which means he is a very likely candidate for "bust" of the year.  Played at a JUCO before going to Baylor and is 23 years old.  Very limited upside type player but would help the Kings defensively and has showed signs of developing a decent offensive repertoire.

14. Lance Stephenson - At nearly 6'6" and 230 lbs Stephenson has an NBA body.  Offensively he is very streaky but at times can flat out dominate the competition.  It has been said that the game has come very easy to him over the years and his freshman year was his first challenge. Although he didn't have a great freshman year he did have some games where he showed his full arsenal of offensive weapons. Question about his attitude have been raised but he appears to have grown from a year away from home.

15. Hassan Whiteside - Whiteside has possibly the best physical attributes of anyone in the draft. At nearly 7' tall with a 7'7" wingspan and explosive athleticism, he has the physical tools to be a star but at only 230 lbs questions about his frames ability to gain weight may have some merit.  Offensively he has a way to go but defensively in the NBA is where he will shine. Biggest "upside" pick in the draft, with minimal PT against top tier competition.  What GM will wager his career on the ability for this kid to develop when his attitude is already questionable?


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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