2010 STR Draft Board: Tomroadrunner Edition

1. John Wall- His talent would be impossible to pass on, especially with the 5th pick. Of course, there is no way that he would ever slip to the 5, but still, he has to be on top. His athleticism, court vision, charisma, and astronomical potential make him the top prospect in this draft. Not a big surprise here.

2. Derrick Favors- Another high-athleticism/charisma/potential player, Favors will either become (best case scenario) an awesome defensive Center with some offensive skills, or (worst case scenario) a solid defensive Power Forward with limited offensive skills. High reward, low risk? No-brainer.

3. DeMarcus Cousins- A large, powerfully-framed Center with awesome instincts and skills on the court. Needs to work on his conditioning. Has the bone structure of a young Shaq, albeit with less athleticism. If he can put on some muscle, he may have a Shaq-esque career. Some potential character issues have been reported, but I won't talk about any of them, because I'm not well-informed on the matter.

4. Evan Turner- Slipped to number 4 through no fault of his own, because he is a very solid player that should be able to be an impact player sooner than anyone else in this draft, sort of a rich man's James Harden. His only knock is his lack of outstanding physical gifts. In a draft loaded with elite athletes, his slightly less-than-elite athleticism means that his ceiling may be lower than the top-3. A solid passer, solid shooter, solid defender, and a solid rebounder, he doesn't have a real weakness in his game.

5. Wesley Johnson- A great shooter and all-around great athlete with a highly-regarded character, Johnson can be a star in the NBA. With his length and athleticism, he should become at least a respectable defender, but it isn't a sure thing yet, for lack of evidence. A sure-fire Small Forward, may have the lateral quickness to play the off guard position.

6. Greg Monroe- High basketball IQ at a young age, good frame for a Center, more athletic than his reputation would imply. Possesses a solid all-around game playing out of the high post, he can be the cornerstone in a Princeton/Triangle-style offense.

7. Al-Farouq Aminu- Gains points for incredible measurements and elite athleticism, Aminu could be a versatile player in the NBA. Does not seem to have the same incredible instincts that the other top picks possess, which hurts him a bit. With time and progress, he could be a star combo forward, but there is room for doubt.

8. Xavier Henry- An excellent outside shooter and a well-respected perimeter defender, Henry should be able to have a long career as a productive role player. Has not demonstrated the ability to create his own offense on a regular basis, but can knock down open set shots from all over the court. Low risk, medium reward.

9. Hassan Whiteside- Much like Aminu, possesses elite athleticism and awesome measurements at the combine. Also like Aminu, leaves room for doubt as to whether he will actually be able to achieve his potential. Could be an excellent defensive Center, in the mold of Marcus Camby.

10. Ekpe Udoh- Good body for a big man, a serviceable jumpshooter, and a good defender, Udoh should be a solid NBA Center. Not much star potential, but could have a long career as a starting Center for a good team.

11. Patrick Patterson- Another low risk, medium reward type-player. Will most likely become a well-respected role player with a solid all-around game. Can fit in with pretty much any team in the NBA with his skill set.

12. Cole Aldrich- Powerful body, good instincts on the defensive end, not a spectacular athlete, but will most likely stick around in the league as a defensive stalwart. May become a perennial starter if he shows more of an offensive game in the coming years.

13. Ed Davis- Very athletic. Slight frame will need to be filled out a bit to be able to make a real impact, but he very well could become a solid PF with a versatile game.


Sorry, I don't have any real opinions on anyone else in the draft. Any criticisms are welcome. Oh yeah, GO KINGS!!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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