2010 STR Draft Board ...last updated June 13...

update May 26:  adding tags

update May 30:  inspired by a post about draft scenarios, adding trade down ideas, adding "serious" 2nd rd pick

update June 5:  adding and editing 2nd rd board/wish list;  took down trade ideas. 

update June 13:  added some stuff to number 5 on the board.  went to 15 on my 2nd rd board.

1. Wall - Rose; what everybody else has said, blah blah...

2.  Turner -  Roy; ROY; blah blah,what everybody else has said.

3.  Favors- Mini Dwight; bigger Kenyon? Blah blah...what eveybody else has said.

4.  Johnson-  Hopefully can play the 2 and if he can't you take as BPA anyway.  Best shooter amongst top prospects who can play above the rim and play without the ball and run the floor with Reke. 

5.  Seraphin- Surprise!  Am I first to have him this high?  I remember Jerry mentioning they're looking at some prospects that are under the radar, and Petrie did spend some time in France on the Euro trip.  Plays center and almost measures like Cousins with better body  Favors.  Explosive.  The Beaubois of the wait, the Jean K. Jean of the draft...Zut Alors!  He's also this high as an alternative to Demarcus Cousins.  A little over a year ago this guy was at the Nike Hoop Summit....he's fed the ball in the low block and dunks it on Cousins, runs down the court, and blocks Wall going to the many guys in this draft not named Favors could do that?

6.  Aminu-  Freakish length, age, rebounding, Josh Smith...blah blah...BPA?...interview made me focused!!!

7.Bradley-  You may remember Spencer supporters saying this past season that Spencer had to spend too much time helping when there was perimeter D breakdown.   Meet perimeter D.  On top of that, can shoot, score, mad bounce, play without the ball.  Unique physical attributes and skill set to go with the unique physical attributes and skill set of the Kings "PG". 

8.  George-  From the WAC conf, but this guy is like the SF version of Favors.  

9.  Henry-  Smooth, can shoot, a good compliment to Tyreke.  Not explosive.  This guy got nothing on Wes if Wes can play the 2.   Nick Anderson type?

10.  Cousins- He's in the top ten.  Compared to DC, good and bad.  Below the rim bully.  "I'm not that guy"....what do you expect him to say at the combine interviews?  "I'm not that guy....Dexter Pittman is the Double Down eating champ..."  I offer Kevin Seraphin as an alternative "tough" "athletic" center versus those "soft" "slow" centers the Kings have had in the past. 

11.  Aldrich- Speaking of "soft" "slow" centers....just kidding.  It would be crazy if this guy could be like Ostertag, woops, I mean Perkins....

12.  Patterson-  This guy could replace Landry.  Had good measurements. 

13.  Whiteside-  Could be Kwame, could be Garnett...could be something in between.  If we can only hook him up with Barry Bonds' trainer, I mean, Lance Armstrong's trainer, I mean...Dwight Howard's trainer.....

14.  Sanders-  Measures almost the same as Cousins. Project.  Like Whiteside, needs to hit the weights.

15.  Davis-  This guy could replace JT.  Project. 



2nd rd  board/ Wishlist

I find this 33rd pick just as intriguing as the 1st rd pick.  Why?  If there's a second "theme" to this draft other than having depth in bigs, it's having a bunch of combo guards at the bottom of the 1st and top of the 2nd rds.  And most of the guards' names have been flip flopping between rounds...which means nobody really knows....which gives Petrie an advantage and possibly finding a hidden gem.  Also considering need, this list is mostly centers and combo guards.

1.  Seraphin- see above.  Not concerned about knee injury.  I think Petrie got a chance to check him out in France.  Probably going 1st rd.

2.  Williams- Probably going 1st rd.  Teague/Terry type guard.

3. Jones- Gets to the free throw line with his NBA body. 1st step?  Streaky  shooter. 

4.  Jordan- Made Whiteside look bad.  Size. Kings interviewed and invited him.  Smooth post moves.

5.  Prestes- Built like Cousins/Perkins.  Can work the post.  Slow, but he can get those alley oop passes.

6. Crawford-  The guy who dunked on Lebron....oh and he can shoot the ball. 

7.  White-  Athletic. Can elevate  and shoot. Looked good at combine.  Doesn't turn over the ball!

8.  Warren-  Stock fell, could be a steal. 

9.  Johnson-  Armon missed the first workout, but the Kings invited him again.  Needs some polish, but can't deny the athleticism.  One of the shorter combo guards though.

10. Parakhouski- Small conf. but double doubles on Duke and Kansas.  Size.  Project

11.  Randle- Look at Nate in the Finals!! 

12. Zoubek-  Remember that rebounding chart?  Look at Zoubek.  Now look at Brockman.  Now look at Zoubek again.

13.  Varnado-  Mr. Block

14. Raduljica-  Blew off workouts but still worth putting on this list.  Serbian Spencer.

15.  Stephenson- Could be a steal.  Not much of a vert.  but can get by guys. 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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