2010 STR Draft Board - caseycheesecake

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Caseycheesecake.  Nice to meet you.  I'd like to take this opportunity to blow your minds with my basketball knowledge.  I wrote in the perspective of us actually drafting them...and how I could spin it in a positive way.



1.  John Wall - Ladies and gentlemen, we have another star.  Tyreke and him, both being so young, will learn to play together.  And together, they will ravage teams.  It's that simple.  GG NBA.

2.  Derrick Favors - I'm still high on Hawes.  I'm also perfectly fine with JT being a C.  What I want is another quality PF that can bump Landry back to the bench and into his 6th MotY role.  Favor is going to solidify our oft-infuriating defensive rebounding and defensive presence at the rim while becoming a constant threat for back picks that lead to alley oops.  Hopefully he'll also develop a killer instinct to just throw down nasty dunks on defender's heads.  Also, a 12-15 footer would be nice too.

3.   Evan Turner - Here's Tyreke's new backcourt mate.  He brings us more size, defense, playmaking, rebounding...he's a great, great addition.  This will push Beno back as possibly the 6th man and an important offensive piece and leader off the bench.  We will probably have the highest rebounding backcourt in the league and give Landry a little help in that department.

4.   Demarcus Cousins - Scary.  Scary for us and the teams we play.  This boy has all the pieces to become a monster.  (Is this ambiguous enough?)  Hopefully Westphal and Co. can develop this young, goofy kid into a focused, goofy, slim, All-star center.  Demarcus is going to provide us with a better inside game, defensive presence at the rim, and better rebounding.  He will work well with all our currect frontcourt who can all hit the open shot. 

5.   Wesley Johnson - Meet our new SG.  No, he will never see a minute as a SF.  We have Donte and Casspi for that.  Wesley and Tyreke will form a lockdown defensive backcourt.  We have now, at SG, what Ime did for us at SF.  What I mean by that is - we now have a defensive focused player who can hit an open shot!  This type of player is exactly the kind we needed for our backcourt.

6.    Cole Aldrich - If this guy's skin was black, people would say he was the next Emeka Okafor instead of the next Joel Pryzbilla.  Consequently, he would be higher on the draft boards.  This guy is a solid, big country boy that knows how to play inside.  He defends, blocks, has some post moves...  What more do we need?  He won't become a star, but he will do his share to help our team win games.

7.  Al-Faouq Aminu - Wow.  What a specimen.  I'm torn between wanting him to be a SF or a PF.  He has the length and athleticism to defend power forwards.  And if he does, he'll be in better positions to rebound, which is a major strength of his.  Whatever position Geoff and Paul feel he should play, I'm okay with because I know this kid can be great.  Now, I haven't interviewed him myself.  I haven't hung out with him at the mall.  From what I see from his interview, he's...different.  I don't really care how he is off the court, so long as he doesn't make trouble.  What I love is his love for rebounding and dunking - two things we lack on this team. 

8.   Hassan Whiteside - I equate this to when the Lakers took Andrew Bynum.  I figure, we have a "servicable" frontcourt right now and can let Hassan blossom from a defensive role player into a starting C or PF.  This kid has almost bad a rep as Cousins when it comes to maturity and what he did at school and such.  But thinking of a possibly Marcus Camby (even though I doubt he would develop his passing skills) makes me grin uncontrollably.

9.   Greg Monroe - He has skills.  If you have skills, you can play.  Forget that Spencer hasn't lived up to our expectations so far.  Greg isn't Spencer.  He isn't the savage dunker/intimidator I crave, but he can rebound and block some shots.  He has confidence in his game and says that he could adapt to anything from GS's run n' gun to SA's half court slugfest.  And I believe him.  But I think he'd be best fit as either the playmaker off the bench, or, if he starts, I think he should have the ball the 2nd most and let guys, including Tyreke, cut off of him in the high post.  That would make our offense much more versatile.

10.   Xavier Henry - We need a shooter.  Xavier can do that. 

11.   Epke Udoh - The "Nightmare"!  Or, the Vulture might be more realistic of a nickname.  Prey on the weak shots, Vulture!  Feast on the sick, dying post players, Vulture!  Here comes a fadeaway teardrop but the VULTURE swooped in gorged himself to the point where he could not fly anymore and he had to urinate on his own feet to avoid infection because he blocked it from the weak side!  ...Anyway, basically we now have a defensive power forward.  That's good, right?

12.   Paul George - This guy, I believe, is not going to be better than Casspi at the SF position.  But he is a great athlete and a great shooter.  We can possibly trade him or Casspi, who would demand a great return because of the revenue he can bring a team, in the future. 

13.   Donatas Motiejunas - If he doesn't become the next Dirk, oh well.  The kid is super young.  He can basically go in any direction our coaching staff and training staff lead him.  Why not do it with a 7-footer who can shoot?14.   Kevin Seraphin - Well, he's not TECHNICALLY French...but he IS a big boy that will help our frontline.  And his last name reminds me of Final Fantasy?  Okay that's cool kinda.

15.   Ed Davis - Here's a fun project, guys!  Let's hope he becomes a great player.

16.   Patrick Patterson - He's big, smart, he graduated in 3 years, and he is very personable.  We could do worse.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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