STR 2010 Draft Board: Cap'n's Orders

1. John Wall - If he fits with Tyreke, awesome.  If he doesn't, he has enough hype to be a super valuable trade asset.

2. Demarcus Cousins - The best big man in the draft.  He IS the BPA, and he fits the team needs.

3.Derick Favors - Athletic defender in the post.

4. Evan Turner - Solidifies the back court for the next ten years.  Good defender.  Likely won't be as effective without the ball in his hands, but should still be a very good player.  He needs to improve 3 point shooting, though.

5. Wes Johnson - Great player, great guy, great fit.  Athletic, good inside/outside player, 3 point shooting.  Also has a great personality.  Should be able to produce from day 1.

6. Greg Monroe  - New and improved Vlade?  Hopefully he'll become a little more Duncanesque.

7. Cold Aldrich - Big who can defend and rebound.  Everybody needs one, especially the Kings.

8. Al Farouq Aminu - *YAWN* Have to have him in eventually.  I'm not sold on him, though.  Very athletic, very raw.  You can get by on that as a post player (like he did in college), but he is too short and too thin to be a post player in the pros.  I see him as this year's DeSmall DeForward DeVersion of DeMar DeRozan = over hyped because of athleticism.  While he could be a very good player down the road, I think he is years away from being able to produce anything more than some rebounds, a couple of blocks, and a few opportunistic dunks.

9. Xavier Henry - Evans needs a 3 point specialist on the floor with him.

10. Hassan Whiteside - Dynamic and unique player.  Diverse skill set, triple double threat, blocks a ton of shots.  If he ends up being Marcus Camby 2.0, fantastic.  I think he COULD become much better.  Swing for the fences.

11. Ed Davis - This guy won't make any All Star teams, but he could be a productive rotation big.  At least he is committed to defense.

12. Ekpe Udoh - Big man who can block shots.  He looks to be a serviceable big who can defend and pass out of the post.  Similar to Jason Thompson, but a better defender and a worse scorer.

13. Larry Sanders - Needs to add some muscle, but he's long.  Has a standing reach of 9'4".  I think he could become a solid rotation big man.

14. James Anderson - Shoot the 3, young man.  And get yourself to the line.

15. Paul George - Active wing who can defend and shoot, only he shoots better but doesn't defend as well as Damion James (who would be # 16 on my board)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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