2010 StR Draft Board - Literally

All right, lunatics.  I'm not going to give you a top-15 listing of the draftable players coming into the NBA draft.  Frankly, I watch very little college basketball, and I borrow dalt's brain when I need to speak intelligently of these players.  

So instead, I've decided to create my top-6 "StR expansion draft".  Basically, these are the 6 posters I'd take if I was starting my own board. Yes, I was too lazy to go to 15, as was my intention initially (my blog's going to be a raging success...can you sense it?)

Feel free to post your top 6 in the comments section.

Here we go:

1) Section214 (or as I like to occasionally call him, "Section125", or as some others like to call him, "Section8").  This is really the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind.  This man is the Jordan/LeBron/Magic of StR.  

Pros:  His basement supercomputer, which holds terabytes of Simpsons GIFS.  Also, as Ziller's right-hand man, Section knows where the bodies are buried, and that may come in handy when the inevitable cross-blog war begins.

Cons:  He came up snake-eyes in the Kings "Superfan" contest, directly resulting in the loss of a top-3 pick in the lottery a few years back.  Also, there's a high probability he is really Xinyue.

2)  TZ - a year ago, Ziller would have been the clear #1 choice.  However, now that he has successfully breeded, it's unclear if his focus is enough to keep him in the elite category.

Pros:  He's TZ bitches!  And yes, he's smarter than you.

Cons:  Seems to be a cat person.  WTF?

3)  Pookeyguru - shit, I'm gonna need content for the blog.  Dude is prolific.

Pros:  Every site worth two squirts of moose piss is gonna need a serious capologist on the payroll.  

Cons:  He quoted Matchbox 20 in a thread the other day.  

4)  Savage Beast/League Pass Addict - Like we could take one without the other.  They would be the moral center of our new blog.  

Pros:  This is kind of a sleeper upside type pick, in case Savage Beast turns into the next John Grisham.  Plus, it's always fun to see LPA make the newbies cry.

Cons:  You can't sexually objectify LPA, since she's filling the "blogmom" role (plus her husband's screename is "Savage Beast"). 

5)  chapuforyou - THAT'S RIGHT!  THAT JUST HAPPENED!  You know you want him back.

Pros:  Screw you, I like him.

Cons:  He comes with Nocioni's contract.

6)  dalt99 - draft expert extraordinaire, he'll be the Mel Kuiper Jr. of my new blog.

Pros:  His pre-draft ranking calculations are so complicated, they made Stephen Hawking cry.

Cons:  Punxatawny Phil comes out of his hole more often than dalt shows up on StR.

I'll add my 7-15 in the comments below. 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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