2010 STR Draft Board – the LOST version


Stuck on a mysterious island, they are all Candidates. Unfortunately, some of them may be the Others. Trying a bit of a different angle, I will describe my picks as characters from Lost.

I will start by predicting that this year's draft will turn out to be much weaker than advertised, just like the 2009 draft was stronger than expected. Although quite some players may end up having serviceable NBA careers, I think there are few true stars in this draft. But we will see how that pans out in the coming years.

One of the things which will affect this draft is that bigs have a much bigger bust potentials than guards.  May I turn your attention to this excellent post at Liberty Ballers?   

Therefore, I have added quite a few guards to my picks. I think a few of them will have excellent careers, and some of them can be a very good fit for the Kings. Another big influence on my picks is defense. Players that show a commitment to defense, show a commitment to winning, in my book.

After the jump are my first 15 names, as written on the wall of Jacob's cave.

1.         John Wall - Jacob. Here's the deity like player, pulling all the strings, representing all that's good. The only sure-fire star player in this draft. He would complement Tyreke nicely, especially once he develops a dependable outside shot. I'm especially impressed with his defense.

2.         Evan Turner - Kate. Not the strongest, not the toughest, not the smartest, but Freckles gets the job dome, and she's sexy as hell. So Turner isn't the fastest, most athletic, strongest or gifted player in the draft. He gets things done, and he's sexy as hell (from a basketball POV, of course).

 3.         Derrick Favors -  Sayid. Strong, ruthless, doing the dirty work, and he will not hesitate to give his life for the team. I don't think he will be the next Dwight Howard, but he will be a very, very good player. His rebounding solves an immediate need.

 4.         Wesley Johnson - Jack. The do it all guy. Taking charge, helping people, performin surgery. You name, it he can do it. It seems that Johnson is similar, with great wingspan, speed, athleticism, outside shot, defense and rebounding skills. Hell, he's your perfect son in law. Take him while you can.  I hope he can play the two, and can play man to man D. If that's the case, he can be a great fit for Tyreke.

 5.         DeMarcus Cousins - Mr. Eko. Surely the most physical presence on the island, the question is who will you get? The egocentric drug lord, or the priest fighting for redemption? I am wary of his red flags, and in every draft there is at least one bust in the top five. He seems the likely Candidate, but I wouldn't cross out his name yet, based on his potential.

6.         Greg Monroe -  Sawyer.  Is Monroe, the real deal, or a con man? Will he help the others, or play his own game? Perhaps a bit of both. I guess he could be a bit like Roy Hibbert as in great for one game, then disappear for about three games. 

7          Avery Bradley - Jin. Silent, a bit guarded and committed to defend of his fellow survivors. Knows how to use a gun. Like Jin, Bradley seems to be flying a bit under the radar. He was one of the top prospects coming out of high school, and couldn't live up to expectations. One of his main problems is his size for a SG, but what does that matter if you can pare him with Tyreke? Can you imagine the defensive pressure such a backcourt can give you. And he can knock down his shot.  

8.        Al Farouq Aminou - John Locke. The question is, which one? The cripple, or the almighty Black Smoke? The Island is telling me something, and it's telling me this tweener will be a bust, and go up in (black?) smoke. But I could be wrong, and he will roar through the paint like the Black Smoke.

9.         Dominique Jones - Hugo. Dominique who, dude? At the beginning of the series, Hurley was just a fat guy who offered some comic relief. At the end, we found out he was loaded with money and personality, and chosen to defend the Island. Like Hugo, I think Jones will climb and climb and be one of the favorites near draft day, despite not being the most atheletic. The comparisons to Tyreke will help him, although he isn't that good, obviously. But he is a great defender, with excellent wingspan and a developing mid range shot. This guy will climb in the draft

10.       Cole Aldrich - Ethan. Just a big, bad, white, strong guy who will play his role, and not much beyond. Unlike Ethan, Aldrich will hold no hostages at the defensive end. But like Ethan, on the other end, he will get killed by little whimps like Charlie.

11.       Ekpe Udoh - Desmond. So the guy can push a button, but then stops. Or he can predict stuff, but it doesn't help sh*t. In the end, though, he does help Jack to kill the Black Smoke. I think it will take some time until Udoh will contribute, but in that time he will learn to be a better defensive rebounder, and be a valuable player. Just wait and see, brother.

12.     James Anderson - Ana Lucia. A trigger happy ex-cop, Ana Lucia shoots very good, but a bit too often and often a bit too fast. Anderson is a shooter, but a bit one-dimensional, and not a great defender. Still, he may be a very good fit next to Tyreke.

13.     Jarvis Varnado - Charlie. A one hit wonder, it got Charlie quite far in life, but only to a certain extent. Is Vardano a one block wonder? Can Varnado do more than swath away shots? A project, I'm hoping he turns into Marcus Camby-type player.

14.       Patrick Patterson - Richard. A good guy, who lives forever. Patterson is a good guy, and will be in this league forever. A guy you want to have on your bench.

 15.       Kevin Seraphin - Rousseau. Okay, I'm reaching. They're both French and beyond that I'm clueless. This was difficult. An intriguing prospect, who needs some time to develop. But GP loves his Euro's.

Don't forget this is the Lost Draft Board. In the final episode/version on draft day, the Island will crumble into the ocean and all 15 will be long dead. Great ending, huh? 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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