DeMarcus Cousins - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Probably the most controversial player in the draft this year, DeMarcus Cousins is the focal point of many conversations throughout the country. There is so much speculation about his personality and questions about his work ethic and conditioning priorities. As he works out for teams, the conversation will likely continue about him all the way up to and following the draft.

The Good:

* Age 19, born August 13, 1990

* 6-9 ½ without shoes, 6' 10.75" with shoes, 292 pounds (2010 Combine measurements)

* Impressive  7-5 ¾ wingspan, and a standing reach of 9-5 (Combine measurements)

* #1 in PER, actually ranking #1 in the last 8 years in that category

* 2009 Jordan Brand High School All-American team selection

* 2009–10 SEC Freshman of the Year

* 2009 McDonald's All-American Team, where he scored 14 points and had 8 rebounds

* Played collegiately at the University of Kentucky, under coach John Calipari, where he averaged 15.1 points, 9.8 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game

* "DeMarcus is one of the most talented big men I've ever had. He has tremendous ball-handling skills for a player his size. His combination of size and shooting ability should make him tough to defend. He has a mean streak on the court that gives him an edge." - John Calipari

* "As a freshman, he was easily the most dominant bigman in the country."

The Bad:

* Interview at the 2010 Combine did not impress. View Combine media interview here.

* High body fat percentage of 16.4%,which ranks as the 12th-highest figure of any player in our database.

* Refused to do bench press at the 2010 Combine.

* Quote from teammate, Daniel Orton about Cousin's temper "It's kind of like watching a little kid throw a temper tantrum," Orton said. "But it's a big little kid, so you've got to kind of control him before he gets way out of hand. He might hurt somebody, to tell you the truth. You definitely get out of the way if you can't handle him, if you can't stop him. One time I tried holding him back, and that was a mistake. I think he put a swim move on me." Courier Journal

* Find by SPORTSbyBROOKS, who quoted Aran Smith’s scouting report of Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins. In the report, Smith relays a text he received from a scout about Cousins’ NBA prospects, "No way…mental issues…he is on bigtime meds i hear…not athletic enough for me talent wise also…but he has been great last month…" ( Posted February, 2010)   Scores Report

* Alleged reports of having problems with his coach Calipari - sideline argument during the tournament. (No link found, can anyone provide a link for this?)

The Ugly:

* Forearm shiver by DeMarcus Cousins that rocked Jared Swopshire's head (January, 2010).

* Allegedly punched some South Carolina fans following loss.(January, 2010). Backporch.fanhouse

DeMarcus Cousins - The Most Interesting Player in the 2010 NBA Draft




So, what do you think? Should the Kings draft him? Give your opinion in the poll. Add any comments below.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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