The "Stupid question (or is it?)" Poll

We have exactly 10 days until those damn balls drop so while we wait let's have a vote on some unrelated Kings stuff.

Let's say we're giving two options as fans and we have the power to make one of them happen:

1. The Kings will win a championship next year. Somehow, someway, the Kings make trades and land some older superstars that get the org a ring next season. This would be pretty much what the Celtics did; they moved most of their young players and got KG and Ray Ray, and they won it all the following year. Note: Don't get caught up in what players in today's NBA would work, just play along.

Now, this also means we were probably trading Tyreke, our lotto pick this year, and a combo of Landry, JT, Spencer, Greene, and Casspi. Also, just like the Celts did, we would probably lock up all those older guys to keep a run going, thus killing the Kings financial flexibility for the next (let's say) 5 years.

So to summarize, we win a ring next year, maybe make the playoffs the following , and then hit rock bottom again for about 3-5 seasons while the bad contracts are cleared and while the old players just get older.


2. The Kings continue to rebuild and become a playoff team in 2012-13. This option doesn't guarantee you a championship but it does guarantee that the Kings will be a playoff team and a contender for the next 6-8 years. They may or may not win it, but they will get the chance for almost a decade. This is an important point because we only have the power to make the team a contender. They will need to win it all on their own. Again, they may or they many not.

In this option the young guys develop; some reach their potential, some don't. Some of them get traded for better pieces and the Kings become a top team in the L. We get to witness the highs and lows, Tyreke becoming a star and having the chance to get us a ring, and pretty much having a great run in the playoffs for many years, but no guaranteed championship like option 1.

So if you take the question at face value (don't go to deep into it) and had to decide between these two options, what would you go for? I named the post the "stupid question (or is it?)" poll because I would think most people would just rather win a championship next year and be done with it but I'm interested in seeing if there's a group of people who would go the other way.

I honestly haven't decided because I wouldn't mind growing with this team, getting attached to the players, and going along for the ride, even if that doesn't guarantee you a ring. The experience may be more fun that just winning one with players you have no attachment to and then just sucking again. I don't know though, I'll vote after I read some comments and hear other opinions.

I think it's an interesting concept so let's hear it

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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