Sactown Royalty Draft Extravaganza, 2010 - The Field

The current field is attached. Remember, you have until next Tuesday, June 22nd, midnight Pacific to get your picks in. Rules found here.

If you have not submitted your picks yet, we will accept them here or in the original post (clisk on the "Rules found here" link).

For now, the list is sorted by StR member, so that you may easily review your picks for accuracy. After the sumittal deadline, I will re-sort it by players.

Oh, and if five of you wouldn't mind hitting hte "rec" button, we can keep this on the top of the page. Thanks!

Order StR Member 1st Pick 2nd Pick Hou. Pick
57 49er16 Whiteside Stephenson Orton
100 AkaP Cousins Warren Udoh
2 andy sims Whiteside Randle Hayward
24 AnotherStupidSN Cousins Rautins Patterson
17 Aykis16 Cousins Brackins Whiteside
23 Balky Needs Cousins A.Johnson Babbitt
49 Ball In Cup Cousins Samhan McChicken
61 Bear King Cousins Crawford Udoh
7 betweentheeyes Udoh White Aldrich
79 Bluejohn Cousins Randle Patterson
98 bozotunes Cousins Warren Patterson
37 CAB Cousins Vanardo Aldrich
67 Carl Monroe Randle Whiteside
94 caseycheesecake Cousins Warren Patterson
58 chenp22 Favors None Hayward
84 chriswebb86 Babbitt Crawford Bradley
47 cicero Cousins Randle James
66 clicc916 Cousins Shved Udoh
26 Cloudy Eyes Davis Bjelica  - 
68 coachtheus Cousins Vanardo Aldrich
102 dalt99 Monroe Pleiss Udoh
19 dannyboy55 Cousins Crawford Whiteside
81 DirtyDribblers Whiteside Samhan Patterson
87 doktakra Monroe Randle Patterson
90 Doors Open Monroe Zoubek Patterson
42 DougChristieKO Cousins Warren Henry
6 edm7 Cousins Randle Babbitt
64 effin steve Cousins D.Jones Aldrich
51 Ellimist Cousins Randle Aldrich
25 ElRonToro Favors Cousins Aminu
20 elSA Vinator Whiteside Clemente Patterson
97 Evan Adams Cousins Vazquez Whiteside
54 Exhibit G Cousins Crawford Davis
52 Fredman Johnson Alabi Whiteside
36 gedrosoian Cousins Crawford Patterson
21 getPGwithbounce Seraphin Jordan Whiteside
32 Gobroks Favors Warren Orton
44 gtrman1973 Cousins Stephenson Whiteside
34 High Tops Johnson Brackins Whiteside
80 HMRising Whiteside Crawford Patterson
71 IamPurple Henry Jordan Whiteside
8 jjham15 Cousins Lawal Udoh
50 Juan Primo Cousins Rautins Patterson
40 kangsfan Cousins Lawal Patterson
33 Kfan in Korea Cousins Randle Davis
9 king4life Johnson Garcia Orton
35 kingoftheboxscore Cousins Stephenson Whiteside
86 kingsbruins2 Monroe Vazquez Orton
96 kingsfan300 Cousins Shved Aldrich
41 LaBradford Cousins Crawford Whiteside
88 larry_funderburke Monroe Samhan Patterson
46 lietothegirls Cousins D.Jones Patterson
14 lifestyleforthesellout Monroe Lawal Patterson
65 lodisacfan Monroe Vazquez Orton
60 Lotusprime Cousins Samhan Patterson
103 LPKingsFan Monroe Vazquez Bradley
91 markdog333 Whiteside Stephenson Aminu
85 mayfieldcol Cousins Caracter Whiteside
89 Merickel Cousins Pondexter Patterson
5 mike murray Favors Warren Patterson
95 Mityt Cousins Scheyer Whiteside
93 moproblemz Cousins Vazquez Aldrich
72 morecasspi Monroe Randle Aldrich
78 MoV Whiteside Richards Davis
15 Mr. Know it all Johnson Warren Whiteside
31 Mr.Noisewater Cousins Warren Henry
27 Mucho Moss Whiteside Randle George
74 MustangMBS Cousins Crawford Hayward
1 nbrans Monroe Randle George
101 NewEraKings Johnson Lawal Aldrich
29 Olberdingleberry Johnson Vanardo Samhan
13 otis29 Johnson Thompson Whiteside
45 Player To Be Named Later Cousins Randle Sanders
22 pookeyguru Favors Randle Sanders
75 RaboKarabekian Cousins White Hayward
12 recklessmonkey Cousins Crawford Whiteside
48 Rik Smits Favors Williams Patterson
69 R-Man Cousins Warren Patterson
63 Robia Cousins Booker Patterson
39 sac_faithful Cousins D.Jones Alabi
38 SactoRyan Favors Seraphin Whiteside
16 Sactownking9 Cousins Crawford George
77 section214 Favors Torrance Davis
55 Shadrack Cousins Crawford Whiteside
92 Shizzo Cousins Traded Patterson
10 Slam_Dunk Cousins Crawford Henry
43 slamson Johnson Vanardo George
83 smiliege Monroe Crawford James
4 Smills9133 Cousins Randle Whiteside
82 sroufe Favors Pondexter Sanders
99 SugaB Babbitt Seraphin Hayward
18 swoosh91 Johnson Brackins Robinson
30 thizboy27 Cousins Whiteside Orton
28 tomkanti Johnson Alabi George
62 vfettke Cousins Seraphin George
11 wabut Cousins Williams Aldrich
3 wallywagon11 Monroe Shved Patterson
104 Watty4ever Johnson Jordan George
59 what_the_crap Cousins Crawford Udoh
73 White Brocklate George Zoubek Patterson
70 Widowwolf Turner Vanardo Whiteside
76 xinyue4745885546 George Landesberg Blakely
53 ZenBaller Cousins Warren Orton
56 Ziller Babbitt Raduljica Patterson

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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