Mock this mother f......

I have been tirelessly combing the interviews and youtube highlight reels to produce a mock draft that, in short compares the current crop of NBA hopefuls to past and present players. I know, we have seen some of this in almost every mock but I will try to be original with my comparisons.

Here is some music to kick it off PookeyGuru style with a twist, just for him.

Dude Looks Like A Lady- Aerosmith (via 32lmb)



John Wall- For the life of me, I can't place this one. I don't love the Derrick Rose comparison but to be honest, we haven't seen a point guard totally like Wall. He is the consensus #1. Can I get a mixture of Isiah Thomas with D-Wades athleticism. Wall will lead and finish from day one. 

Derek Favors- He's not Dwight Howard and he's not Tyrus Thomas. I see a closer to the basket Chris Bosh which would make him similar to a young Antonio McDyess? I have a feeling that Favors is going to take a few years to really  develop offensively, until then I think we will see the early career version of Kelvin Cato. Sky is the limits but a slow start for sure.

Evan Turner- This guy has skills comparable to Brandon Roy. If Turner works on his range, I see....Ray Allen in Seattle. If he doesn't I see Doug Christie with good defense, not great.

Demarcus Cousins- No real limb here, I see Derrick Coleman. The funny thing is, no one has really questioned if Cousins is the next Sharone Wright, it's always Coleman. There could be worse things than being compared to a guy who survived 15 years in the NBA and retired with career averages of 17.9 points, 10.1 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per 36 min. If Cousins is Coleman with even a little bit of interest in being a good teammate, the sky is the limit.

Wesley Johnson- Such a smooth operator that he reminds me a little of Wesley Person with athleticism. It's tough to find a fluid athlete, with hops that can really shoot it like Johnson. I guess I can stay in Phoenix for another comparison that might fit better in Dan Majerle or even the young Michael Finley. He also kind of plays like...Evan Turner with range.

Greg Monroe- I see Derrick McKey, the long time Seattle Sonic and Indiana Pacer. Although Monroe is a slightly taller player, he plays with the basketball IQ and lack of aggression that McKey exhibited. Monroe will be a starter in the NBA but he will never be dominant because he lacks the personality to be great.

Ed Davis- I think this is a pretty straight forward one. If Davis reaches his potential he is PJ Brown, if he doesn't then I see Steven Hunter. I like Davis. His interview is clean, he is a son of former NBA player Terry Davis and playing at North Carolina has hurt very few people.

Ekpe Udoh- These bigs are getting tiresome. I think Udoh can put up Dale Davis stats but he will do it in a different way. Udoh is more of a mid-range guy than Davis but I think he will take his defensive assignment seriously like Davis did. I don't buy the Jason Thompson comparison of DX, Udoh is a much better natural shot blocker and a much leaner athlete.

Xavier Henry- Cool name. Say it with me- Za-vee-A. Sounds like a sexy drink. Reminds me of Jim Jackson. He's the type of guy who while he's signing your autograph, he's already rounded second with your girl. You have nothing but respect for a playa like dat.

Pat Patterson- This is a jack of all trades here people. I liken him to David West because they are both guys who are a little undersized they play bigger than the stats. This guyis a team player who has done whatever has been asked of him and succeeded at every step of the way.

Al-Farouq Aminu- My least favorite top 10 player. He looks like Danny Manning. Not on the court but facially. He also looks like he needs a 5 hr energy or maybe he has a vitamin deficiency. I tried to like him but he is completely void of all personality. Completely. He is in my top ten because I can't really find anyone that does what he does on the court but seriously can someone get this guy a no-doze. AFA is not Josh Smith, maybe Darius Miles- another busta busta.

Cole Adlrich- This is so easy. I keep seeing the Ostertag call but this guy is Eric Montross. Aldrich was born about 15 years too late to be an effective NBA player.

Montiejunas- I see Darius Songaila, the former King draft pick turned NBA journeyman. Both players lack hip fluidity which limits their ability to create their own shot or stay in front of a quicker player on defense. Songaila is craftier, Montiejunas is a better long range shooter. There is a better chance that Montiejunas is back in Europe in 3 years then he has the type of productive yet unspectacular career of Songaila.

Larry Sanders- I see Theo Ratliff. I would really like to get another pick and grab this guy. You just can't teach....wingspan and we can call him the Colonel.

Daniel Orton- I don't like this guy and he is only here so I can spout my opinion of him. Who the hell knows what kind of player he will be but he reminds me of this guy, or this guy, or this guy. Anyone who spills the beans instead of answering why he could only muster 3 point and 3 rebounds a game gets a big suck it from me.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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