Kings Trade for Dalembert- 6 factors

Lets take at all the factors of this trade


The reality is that Spencer Hawes just simply never became the player we were hoping he would be when we drafted him 10th overall 3 seasons ago. This is not to say that he wont become a productive player one day down the road, it just wont be in Sacramento. There were frequent reports questioning his passion and that his ego was too big for a player who had a hard time staying in the starting lineup for a bottom feeder. There is no doubt Spencer has very unique talent, a seven footer with the ability to hit the 3 and finish with the left hand is rare to say the least, but his defense and rebounding were so poor at times you had to wonder if he was better suited to play PF or maybe even SF.

Andres Nocioni was only a King for a little over a year but never had a solid spot in the rotation. His game was comparable to Donte Greene, Omri Casspi, and Francisco Garcia at the SF position, but never stood above them. Noc simply makes more money and is much older than his competition and this made him the odd man out most nights on a rebuilding squad. His work and heart was never questioned but his future was not in Sacramento. After frequent trade requests the Kings organization was finally able to grant him his wish and sent him to Philly.


The acquisition of Dalembert and what will be expected of him is obvious, finishing around the basket, rebounding, and defense. There is no doubt we have a need for all those skills and finally going out and getting a player like Samuel could be critical to the Kings taking a big step forward. The big knock on him with the Sixers was that he didnt show up every night and played uninspired at times. Im not sure if thats true or not but you cant blame a guy whos playing for a team thats losing every night and doesnt want him there anymore to get a little down at times.

Defensively I can not express enough what SD might mean to this team. A great shot blocker (7th in the NBA with 1.84 BPG last season) can do so much for a defense, just ask Orlando. Orlando is one of the best defensive teams in the NBA and nobody will argue that Vince Carter or Rashard Lewis are even average defenders. The reason is they have the anchor in the middle in Dwight Howard to erase mistakes. It is infinitely easier to guard your man when you know he doesnt want to go to the basket. Now im not saying that Dalembert is in Howard's league or even 'Dwight Howard light', maybe Dwight Howard anorexic... but if he does his job this defense should take a giant step forward... just ask Portland how much Marcus Camby meant to their defense when they acquired him last season.


How does Dalembert fit into the Kings rotation? I think he is a perfect compliment to Carl Landry, one big that scores and one big that does the dirty work. You dont need two scoring bigs like we have had in Sacramento for years. Take a look at the final 4 teams this year LAL (Bynum), Boston (Perkins), Orlando (Howard), and Phoenix (Lopez), all 4 with a starting big that primarily defends and rebounds. I think Dalembert will work best with Landry but also can play with JT (Jason Thompson). Two 6'11 big men can reek havoc on a team defensively and on the offensive boards. JT can play with either Dalembert or Landry since he is bit of both, the bruiser and also showed he is capable of being a 15 ppg scorer as long as he can cut down on his fouls, but thats another discussion all together.


This trade adds a little to the cap this year but a closer look and its a very good trade for our cap long term. Dalembert is making 11+ this season but is on the last year of his deal. If he is part of the future for the Kings he would certainly resign at a reduced price, if he is not then hes off the books and we can spend that money elsewhere in next years free agent market or use the cash to resign Landry. Hawes was on the last year of his rookie contract and if he did have a breakout year would ask for a big long term contract that would be a giant gamble. But Nocionis contract was the biggest part of this trade for sure. He was making 7+ for the next three seasons, an obscene amount for a player at the back of the rotation on a rebuilding team. It was a very nice move to say the least to get out from below that contract.


The common thought is that the Kings are looking for a big man with the 5th pick in this years draft. This trade gives us the options if we choose not to do that and based on what happens with the first four picks in front of us. If Demarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors are not available then there is no clear pick, but we no longer have to reach for another big. We can trade out of the pick or draft a wing or trade the pick directly for a knock down perimiter shooter which is now our greatest need and not available with the 5 pick. Most people believe the Wolves at 4 will not take a big leaving Cousins to us at 5. Whatever may happen I think the Kings are now much more flexible on what we would like to do. ****This just in... The NETS at 3 are now said to prefer Cousins over Favors after individual workouts. Rumors say Cousins showed range up to 20 feet that surprised NJ****


You may ask why would Philadelphia do this trade if its so far in our favor? A few reasons...1) Dalembert was not in their future and was going to be traded at some point this season. 2) They are a terrible team that is not expecting to win in the near future with or without SD. 3) Flat out they are taking a shot on Spencer Hawes. They are holding onto the idea that Hawes could be 'Pau Gasol light'. Hes not as long but almost as skilled and Philly has to be hoping he will wake up and play to his potential in the right system away from Sacramento where he was poorly used and unhappy. Not to mention he is in a contract year and potentially playing for millions of dollars and his NBA future.


I believe this is the best the trade the Kings have made since the trades acquiring Chris Webber and Mike Bibby. We essentially gave up two players that were not going to be in the rotation following the draft and free agency for a starting center who should immediately help the team in so many ways. This may be a move that finally turns the rebuilding corner and fills the seats in Arco.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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