G'day, Sactown Royalty.

I come to you as a Warriors fan who has finally had a gutsful of our ownership and management and wants to become a Kings fan.

Why, you ask? Let me explain.

The Warriors were like a first love. Growing up in Oakland, they were the girl next door - sure, she may not have been the hottest in the city, but that didn't matter.

Once I moved away to Sydney, the love just escalated. Sure there were some hard times (the early part of the decade) but I kept my faith that the suffering (And taunts from my family) would be worth it one day.

That day was the We Believe season. In hindsight, it was almost like getting married. I even got a memory of it on my body (a tattoo of "We Believe" in Hindi on my back). It was an incredible high. The next season was the honeymoon. Baron Davis leaving and the Corey Maggette panic deal? That was the sign that the relationship wasn't going to always work out.

Of course, I stuck with it and we even had (metaphorical) hot sex a couple of times (drafting Stephen Curry, the announcement of the sale) but it was never quite the same. Once I had learnt what it felt like to feel proud of your team, it just felt...wrong.

However, I kept plugging on and on, hoping things would get better like every other whipped husband...then the Warriors delivered the equivalent of your wife announcing she's been cheating on you.

That, of course, was the Ekpe Udoh pick.

I spent an hour or so drinking and feeling depressed (two hours before I had to go into an exam, as well) before I decided "nah, screw it," and decided to finally take the jump I'd been planning to take for a long time and ditch the wife for the hot, sexy young thing. In this case, the Kings.

I'd always had a soft spot for the Sactown boys, because they were after all our neighbours and considerably better than us for most of the decade. White Chocolate was one of my favourite players growing up (I still have an old Kings #55 jersey that I got when I was 10 and still fits me, six inches and 50 kilos later) and I always enjoyed watching them play. I jumped on the bandwagon big time.

So when I was looking for another team to barrack for, it was a simple decision especially since the only NBA player I know (Patty Mills) is buried deep on the Portland bench. And as a lifelong Apple guy, I don't think I could stomach going for a team with Paul Allen as owner.

Of course, there were plenty of other factors.

Like the fact that you drafted my man-crush (DeMarcus Cousins) at #5 and a potential future DPOY winner in Hassan Whiteside at #33 this year.

Like the fact that my passions for sex, drugs and rock and roll are all connected to Sacramento or the Kings in some way. (For the record - the sex part comes from cutting my V-card in a room at the Palms on my brother's bachelor party night, the rock and roll is because my favourite band hail from Sacramento and the drugs are tied into both).

And especially the fact that for once, I'd just like to barrack for a team of young talented guys who will only get better without having to worry that today's the day when I wake up to find out that our management have traded them for 20 cents on the dollar because our coach got annoyed with them.

So what do I bring to the table as a Kings fan?

Well, firstly, I'm not going to give up again. I do feel guilty for giving up on the Warriors, and I'm not going to dump this relationship for the next hot young thing on the block. I'm gonna make this work. And no, I'm not switching back to the Warriors once they sell. They're dead to me as far as I'm concerned. 

Secondly, I can drink almost any other NBA team's fans under the table, unless the Celtics import a real Irishman. Then I'm screwed, but what do you do.

Thirdly, while I may not live in Sacramento, I go back to the USA frequently and will stop by for games whenever I can, whether they be home or away.

Fourth and most importantly, I'm a true basketball fan and junkie as are most of you. If I wasn't, I'd be jumping on the Faker bandwagon.

Now that I've got introductions (very long ones) out of the way, here's what I think the Kings should do with the frontcourt logjam (a very nice problem to have).

1) Have Landry and Dalembert starting - bring Big Cuz off the bench.

I stole this off something I saw someone else had written on another thread (forgot who it was - if they post here I'll give credit). I like it for two reasons.

First, as was also mentioned in the thread, it makes the big guy work for his minutes and shows him that it won't come easy in the NBA. It'll be a good test of his character to see how he reacts - I suspect he comes up much better than most people predict.

The second is simpler - Landry can only play PF, Dalembert can only play C, Cuz can play both. Therefore, having him as the sixth man off the bench to cover both spots makes the most sense to me.

2) Don't trade Whiteside.

This may seem obvious, but there will be teams calling and offering deals for Hass. I have built up a lot of respect for Geoff Petrie over the years, so I'm sure he's smart enough to say no to them.

There are a couple of good PGs who went undrafted - Mikhail Torrance comes to mind here. Petrie - get on the phone to his agent and add him to the Summer League team, pronto. Same with Jeremy Lin and Jon Scheyer.

Speaking of Whiteside...

3) Get that kid a shooting coach.

Whiteside has come out and said he wants to play power forward. Which makes sense, given that he has a skinny frame.

Right now, he's very raw offensively. The flipside of that coin being that he can be moulded much easier.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the idea of having one big who can play in the low offensive post and another who can stretch the floor. While Cuz can hit the 15-18 foot jumper, we can all agree he's most suited to the low block. Therefore, it makes the most sense to try and mould Hass into a guy who can stretch the floor.

His jumper isn't completely broken, but could definitely use improvement and practice.

Geoff Petrie and Paul Westphal could do worse than getting Dave Hopla or another shooting expert on speed dial soon.

Anyway, that's me and my ideas. You'll be seeing and hearing a lot more of them.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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