Summer is long or "my take on Beasley"

I know this has already been discussed (several times, if I recall correctly), and I don't piss anyone off with yet another discussion on how Beasley could be good and stuff, since I still am strongly against him, but, as the title of the post suggests, the summer is long, the asinine trade thread is still far away to come and I had some considerations I wished to share with the Kingdom in here.

So pardon me for the futility of the matter and, as always, for the grammar.

The premise of this post is: we all know that Beasley is showing as a complete bust in the league, especially given the high expectations, the pick where he was taken in a very strong draft that produced studs such as Brook Lopez after him. But how much a risk can we consider him if he could have be had for almost nothing?

The Miami Heat are one of the many teams looking to turn the franchise around for many years with this year's free agency. They already have a lot of cap space, they have good attractive to players and, with Chicago, they seem like the best options for LBJ, Wade, Bosh & co.

In fact, they already have enough cap space to sign two maximum players, and, while they have only two players under contract for next season (Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers) they are "one shredded contract" away from having enough cap space to sign three max players (and they also have a good bunch of second round players to fill the roster). They have been shipping Beasley all around the league since January, and, even if many of those trades where clearly loopsided in favor of the opposite teams, the second-to be third-year product of Kansas St. has always been rejected. The main reasons? He has shown a consistent inconsistency, he has had a lot of issues going with his character and attitude and he has a long way to go to fullfil his potential, which seems any day less probable he will do.


But at what level Michael Beasley is now?

This season he averaged:

24.8 minutes / 45% fg / 27.5% 3pt / 80% ft / 6.4 rpg (1.6 off/ 4.8 def) / 1.3 apg / 1.68 to / 1.0 spg / 0.6 bpg / 14.8 ppg

He is not LeBron, but his stats are neither looking that bad. His 3pt shooting dropped a lot since the 08/09 season, when he shot at 40.7% from beyond the arc, and I think he is the guy who suffered the most from the system of the Miami Heat, where every possession in which Wade doesn't take the ball seems to be pointless and where there has been all season long the total lack of a good point guard able to put the players in good position to score.

Being selected so high, Beasley was clearly used as a scapegoat for a bad team (I don't see the Heat reaching the playoffs in the Western Conference), and, for a guy with a lot of mentality and attitude problems like him, that didn't helped him at all.

Being real, Beasley probably will never be able to justify being picked ahead of Westbrook, Love, Lopez, Mayo and maybe even Gordon and Gallinari. But still, he could be a starter on many NBA teams, he is able to play and guard two positions and, if helped, he could improve very much.

I'm not sold on him, at all, and I would be against every trade to take him...EXCEPT that, as the Bulls showed three days ago by giving away Hinrich and the 17th pick for basically nothing, this year's free agency is driving many teams' mentality on the "all in" mode, and many of these teams will let go many decent to good player for the far hope of giving a new home to LBJ.

This guy red flags are way more problematic that DMC's supposed ones and I think it could only get worse if Miami's free agency plan will succed and he would find himself unwanted in a team riding for the championship while his maturity isn't clearly already at that level. But the Kings are different. We have on of the two/three youngest teams in the NBA, we have a great, solid group of players who have always seemed to help each other, and we're not going to ride for the ring this season. Beasley is an extremely talented forward with great size who could easily start as our small forward, and he could be had for a fistful of nothing.

I'm not saying I want this to happen, and sincerely I don't see this happening anytime soon (which kinda makes this whole rant useless, sorry for wasting your time) given that we already have two very good young small forwards and our need is at the guard spot. The one thing I'm saying is that if GP would think that 2 2nd round picks in 2035 and 2047 are worth a shot at Michael Beasley, I can see why he's thinking that.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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